Thousands of car insurance a year? These “insurance” you know?

thousands of Car insurance premiums a year? These “insurance” you know?

With economic development, more and more people buy a Car, but the Car after it more and more trouble, first of all, the problem Is that Auto insurance we pay thousands of vehicles every year Is even thousands of premium that you know how to calculate insurance premiums do? These “insurance” you know?

insurance divided into two categories: strong insurance, Auto insurance business. The commercial Auto insurance can be divided into four primary insurance, Car damage, three insurance, vehicle liability insurance, pilfer and so on.

must be strong insurance Is purchased, the private Car Is generally stronger year pay premium of $ 950 and if the first in no accident, then, the next year to fall back to 10%, and some people are very thorough on vehicle insurance, then it Will increase the number of insured, doing it thIs way, a year of Auto insurance also have a six-seven thousand.

In fact, Auto insurance Is the situation with the dangerous condition of the Car-related, if there Is no escape from danger situation in the previous year, then next year Will pay less FEE!

friends, you know how Auto insurance should forget it?