Those pit car insurance, you are Guoji Zhao?

before always tell you Is that all kinds of vehicles do, there are a lot of riders also said he go 4S shop to buy a Car, and found that not only need to spend a lot of money to buy a Car at the time of pay, buy the 4S shop Insurance Is not a small fee, and that today small pit when combined with those of their own personal experience to talk with everyone to buy a Car insurance for it.

Car insurance after buying the Car we use to protect our rights and interests of a vehicle insurance, Is also the country require us to buy, say Auto insurance routine before, we first look at the Car insurance constitute it.

First, traffic compulsory insurance

compulsory traffic insurance Is also known as a strong insurance, Is we use a insurance motor vehicle must be purchased here for everyone to clarify a point that a lot of people mIstakenly think that they purchase commercial insurance after you can not buy insurance to pay strong a wrong, to pay high insurance Is the foundation of insurance, to protect the driver and their vehicle the most basic of rights, generally costs about 950 yuan. Because pay high insurance only to protect the most basic rights of people and Cars, so most people Will choose to purchase additional insurance on their own business. So now many owners may not be particularly clear role to pay high insurance, in fact, can also pay high insurance payment, below we look at the amount it paid it.

Also for not buying mandatory traffic insurance case, upon investigation the traffic control department has the right to detain the responsibility of the vehicle, ordered the owners of the insured to pay high insurance, also penalty fines Will double insurance premiums. The subsidy Traffic Insurance sign on the road, then, once dIscovered Will impose a three-point deduction, a fine of $ 100 penalty, here small advIse everyone to pay high insurance must be on, driving safety Is no small matter, with the insurance more confidence.

Second, the commercial insurance

on commercial insurance business insurance Is not compulsory in the country of purchase requirements, you Car fans can combine their actual situation to make a purchase, insurance and commercial insurance, there are many, let’s introduce:

1,Loss of vehicle insurance: mainly used for maintenance of the insured vehicle after the accident.

2, third party liability insurance: third party other than the name suggests Is for the payment of insurance and vehicle owners, not the people, the other party may be vehicles and property, third party liability insurance currently more than 500,000 and one million, where small series suggest that you choose one million insurance because the road met a luxury Car, then sometimes 500,000 was not enough.

3, board officers liability insurance: the Car after the accident to personnel protection insurance.

4, non-deductible insurance: ThIs insurance belongs to additional rIsks, since the above general have several main rIsk dIsclaimer or franchIse, not illegal to buy non-deductible insurance after and it Will be 100 percent paid under the premIse of violations, so thIs Is to suggest that you buy.

5, pilfer: Insurance for stolen or robbed vehicles after the owners were paid in.

6, glass breakage alone: ​​with everyone clear about thIs, a lot of people do not understand has been loss of vehicle insurance, Why should the insurance company a glass breakage alone it Is because the glass Is not broken in the range of Car damage, and thIs insurance Is not expensive, it Is recommended that everyone can buy, after all, the front windshield, but very expensive.

as well as other body scratches insurance, engine wading insurance, spontaneous loss of insurance, and other insurance small public insurance here Is not introduced one by one.

Third, those routines to purchase insurance

1, Car loans

Xiao Bian first Car Is purchased through loans, let us talk about those pits where the edge of the bar, Car loans usually required to buy insurance in the shop, said here with you, particularly at night Car loans Will require shop insurance it Is because in recent years due to fierce competition in the Automotive industry, the current vehicle sales have been very meager profits, so the 4S shop Is now the main profit point Is that loans and insurance. JeepersNow that you can think of thIs loan into a pit, then the insurance Will let you do thIs pit.

Since the doomed pit in front, so less able to jump some more? The answer Is yes, we Car loans, 4S shop insurance salesman insurance program Will lIst a whole bunch of us, calling them called all rIsks. At thIs time we can put bright eyes, because even the loan, we do not need to buy all the insurance again, thIs side has a core insurance Is a must buy, and that Is pilfer. Because the vehicle during the loan Is to be secured, then the vehicle belongs to the owner and co-owned lenders, it Is used to pilfer safeguard the interests of the lenders Is a must buy, in addition to third party liability insurance 4S shop there Will be requirements, Will normally require 30 million or more. While the remaining other insurance Is negotiable, after all, small series of Car loans it bought three commercial lines.

2, full paragraph Car

compared to the full amount of the riders in the Car Car loans in the purchase of insurance can have more choices, but because many owners Is the first time to buy a Car, and had little experience, so it Is very easy to pit. Old drivers are aware of insurance generally has a rebate, but offer different insurance companies Will have given different, so the full amount purchase of small partners must be multi-parity in the purchase of insurance, as much as possible the price Speaking to a minimum.

Summary: of insurance Is to protect the interests of our personal and property safety an important protection mechanIsm, with the increase of vehicle ownership, annual security incidents are increasing Insurance routines are numerous, but more importantly, safe driving, so small series here suggest that you Car no matter good or bad, high and low prices must give an insurance policy on himself and the Car, plus a trip to feel at ease. I do not know what the majority of Car faithful pit it only when buying insurance, welcome to leave a message in the comments area to share.