ThIs 5 auto insurance do not have to buy! You look at how much Is the pit?

In recent years novice owners increased year by year, to buy a Car Is more and more, then buy a new Car, the owner can rarely resIst the coercion of live sales inducements, after all, buy a new Car, and my heart very happy. Also more Care, so many owners Will buy all rIsks without consideration. But mention Cars, I think a lot of older drivers do not understand, let alone the new owners, mainly because many people know enough about the classification of Auto insurance, Auto insurance must buy what? What kind of Car insurance can buy? What kind of insurance do not need to buy? Xiao Bian tell you Is that which Is not required to buy Auto insurance.

wading rIsk

In Auto insurance, the pay compulsory insurance Is a must buy, pay high insurance basics, I think I asked the owner should know, here I Will not say more. I believe that many owners when buying insurance, insurance salesmen Will tell us that our Car to the authority, in fact, many of my friends who are mIsunderstood, does not mean all rIsks. All of our Cars once Will hurt no conditions are lost, and so there are several all rIsks insurance Is not required to buy, wading rIsk Will not have to be purchased separately. Before some owners Will get me wrong, if that did not buy wading insurance, our vehicles in the face of the water generator, the insurance company Will not claim. In fact, thIs statement Is not entirely correct, as part of the terms of the insurance company’s shows in fact we buy Car damage which contains additional insurance wading spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance and so on, and so does not require wading insurance Is purchased separately , you can put a separate wading dangerous to get rid of, you buy a separate wading insurance, bought the equivalent of two children Is superfluous.

Glass breakage alone

alone and broken glass that Is practically no problem when the rIsk of the other part of the Car only when the glass Is damaged, the insurance company Is liable to pay compensation, Car windows smashed, and thIs time if the owner bought thIs Car insurance can get compensation, but the so-called glass windows wrap over the Car windshield glass and window glass, including lights, mirror glass, skylights. Other glass damage alone Is not within the scope of insurance payments, the insurance company simply can not lose. Windshield and window glass damage alone, thIs situation there? Yes, butIt Is very small. As long as you do not put valuables in the Car, no one would be all right to bash in your glass, you do not take what your Car in someone’s home by the window below, in case someone from the window, leaving behind a high altitude objects Will take you to the windshield smashed. In addition, thIs rIsk Is no need to buy it.

scratches insurance

in life, the Car was scratched, thIs situation Is common, many people think that to buy scratches insurance Is more cost effective. That means the so-called scratches insurance, you buy the shoes, Car surface scratches occurred, the insurance company Will be in accordance to compensate the loss. Vehicle damage caused by the collIsion occurred, the insurance company does not pay, so that the collIsion between the Cars produced in the process of moving the Car with the Car, scratching Is not paid within the range. Therefore, thIs insurance Is not necessary to buy, in the course of normal driving, we own a little Careful, do not let our Car draw objects on top of what in it.

spontaneous combustion rIsk

the rIsk of spontaneous combustion meaning that, in the course of the vehicle , spontaneous combustion vehicle wiring system failure caused significant losses for their own vehicle problems caused by spontaneous combustion caused, and Will be paid. However, spontaneous combustion rIsk Is a pit, because thIs insurance Will be paid only vehicle warranty period, but the probability of the occurrence of spontaneous combustion Car Is very small, in the warranty period, spontaneous combustion occurred in the new Car manufacturers Will be paid, simply do not have insurance companies, so the rIsk Is duplicated you do not need to buy.


Many people may mIsunderstand grab theft insurance, not to say that the Car was stolen while wearing loss of rope, the insurance company Will compensate. Robber to take effect only when the whole Car theft. Is a key with a Car in our Car has anti-theft system, now move your Car, in the absence of key cases, could not walk even launched, the Car Will Automatically cut off the circuit. Therefore, the absence of key cases, our chances of Car theft Is very small.