Third party liability insurance Is necessary to buy it? How much money should buy? Let old driver to tell you

Today, our Car on the road Is really more and more, and to see the signs, after the Car on the road Will become more and more. Car on the road increases the chance of an accident Will be larger. A Car accident, then fees Will be coming out. ThIs Is Why, after people buy a Car, the reason Will immediately buy insurance, with insurance, then the owners need to bear the loss Will be much smaller. To be honest, it kind of insurance Is really a particularly large number, many owners do not understand what kind of insurance they should buy, thIs Is normal, because the type of Auto insurance Is really too much.

third party liability insurance do you know? Some people think that thIs may be buying Auto insurance, do not buy it, but also save some money to buy it, not be able to come in handy, Will chart a peace of mind, so buying a can! Is thIs real? Third party liability insurance Is necessary to buy it? If you buy it, how much money should buy? Let old driver to tell you.

Let’s look at thIs in the end want to buy Auto insurance, Auto insurance Is that when the owners driving a Car, hit the other with the Car owners driving time together, It can play a role. The owners are not buying thIs insurance, Auto insurance compensation, but the other owners. In other words, the owners themselves can not be compensated, and that the Auto insurance to buy it? In fact, buy, think about it, if you buy thIs Car insurance, and the other bought thIs Car insurance, then you can get a sum of money, which Is a bargain! Yong, the vast majority of owners Will buy thIs Car insurance. Among Auto insurance, the Auto insurance Is very popular, so when we buy a Car on insurance, it Is best to buy thIs insurance.

ThIs insurance Is hierarchical, 50,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 and so on, although some Car owners to buy the insurance, but do not know which level to buy the Auto insurance better. Now, let the old drivers give you an analysIs, in the end which Auto insurance levels should buy. To be honest, 50,000, 200,000 thIs level of Auto insurance, claims can give a little. If you hit a Wuliushiwan Car, then thIs insurance can pay the money really Is not enough. So, we have toThIs, then buy Auto insurance, 500,000 Is the lowest option.

Some people ask, that in the end to buy should buy 500,000 or 1 million? Now a lot of luxury Cars on the street, in comparIson, a 1 million Auto insurance Is really expensive Car insurance than 500,000 a few hundred dollars, but the amount of the claim can but twice! So, if you buy thIs Car insurance, then, it Is to buy 1 million thIs level of Auto insurance Is better! Even if it Is hit luxury Car, you do not have your own money!