“Third party liability insurance” buy 500,000 or 1 million Is better? Insurance adjusters slip of the tongue

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for the Car, along with the lives of people increasingly do, increasing the level of consumption, now it Is not a dIstant items, and at the same time we buy a Car, buy insurance to pay strong Will slide down, while others are more Careful people may also Will buy other insurance and so on. In fact, when a special Auto insurance can really save you a lot of things, a moderate buy Cars generally have to do Is complete twenty or thirty hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, many people Will not be in thIs Insurance drop in the bucket compared with the Car kind of puzzled, Will take the initiative to buy. High and low premiums, the corresponding amount of compensation Is different, many people may choose to purchase selected about 500,000, more security-conscious people may choose around one million. “Third party liability insurance” buy 500,000 or 1 million Is better? Insurance adjusters slip of the tongue, some owners expressed regret did not knew.

In fact, third party liability insurance refers to after the accident, the insurance company for damages according to the contract the insured amount of the insured vehicle. By contract we can understand the 500,000 third party liability insurance, Is the highest amount of compensation of 50 million and take six family Cars below, it takes about a year close to 2,000 yuan premium, the maximum amount of compensation of the highest paid 1 million the amount required annual premium Is about 2,000 yuan.

Insurance claims staff recommended amount of insurance we buy to decide according to their needs, if the congested city, many developed transport vehicles, the price Is relatively high , so if you want to minimize the loss, you can choose the insured amount of insurance a little high, it allows us to spend less money in the face of thIs kind of thing, if it Is living in the suburbs or Car owners experienced, active cause the probability of other vehicles Is relatively small losses, then choose the amount of insurance guaranteeing that may be enough, some owners expressed regret did not knew.

Of course, the final amount should buy insurance from their own economy, in fact, suggest that you buy expensive little insurance, guarantee a more comprehensive point, of course, to see everything fromHimself, faithful Car you buy your Auto insurance Is how much of it?