Third party car insurance to buy 50W enough for you, may wIsh to read the following article

Now more and more people buy a Car, choose the recommended Auto insurance has become increasingly streaky eight samples. The Car commercial insurance in the third party, Will become an option to buy, the amount 5W to 200W total of nine grades, and in some places even higher than 200W, like Guangdong Province (excluding New York SAR) can be insured up to 600W, while the New York Special economic Zone can be insured up to 1000W. So a third party to buy 50W, really enough?

Let us take a look at traffic accident dIsability benefits standard.

dIsability compensation compensation criteria

the seat of the year of urban residents per capita dIsposable income of rural residents per capita net income or standard compensation coefficient × × 20 years. (Wherein a 100%, up until ten two successively reduced by 10%, 10 dIsability compensation coefficient Is 10%)

Standard compensation for lost income

I × daily wage loss of working days, which demonstrated loss of working time Is determined according to the medical treatment of victims Issued. Victims dIsabling injury sustained loss of working time, the loss of working time can be calculated to set the day before the residue.

victims of a fixed income, lost income based on actual reduced income. Victims no fixed income, calculated in accordance with the average income of the last three years; the victim can not provide evidence that the average income of the last three years, can refer to the same location or a similar industry average annual wage of workers.

Care, compensation standards

daily nursing Care (nursing daily wage the number of days × number of local nurses or Care workers engaged in the same level of remuneration) × needing Care

where nurses income, calculated with reference to the provIsions of lost income; no income nurses or hire Care workers, Referring to local Care workers engaged in the same level of Care labor remuneration standard calculations. A principle for the nursing staff, but the medical institution or accreditation bodies have a clear opinion, reference may be made to determine the number of nursing staff. Nursing period should be calculated to restore the victim only when daily living. Victims who are unable to resume activities of daily living, it Is possible to determine the reasonable period of Care based on factors as age, health status, but no more than two decades.

hospital food subsidies compensation standards

traveling general staff of local state organs the food subsidy standards × number of hospital days

Is dependent living standard of compensation

a year per capita consumption of urban residents on location the number of rural residents per capita expenditure or consumption expenditure of the need to raIse the number of years × × dependents × 100%

so afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event , and if it really happened. That time to how to subsidies, we have to calculate. To be the worst, if the owner of a traffic accident caused by a dIsability the victim, the victim healthy 35-year-old home and a child 8 years old, the daily wage Is about 200. Victims of local residents per capita dIsposable income of 2W. Loss of working days 365 days, local daily Care, and 80, on business meals general staff of local state organs, local State organs subsidy standard 80, the number of hospital days, 365 days a year per capita consumption expenditure of 10,000.

dIsability compensation: up to 20 years in accordance with the compensation, 20X2W = 40W

lost income: 200X365 = about 7.2W

nursing: 80X365X1 = 2.9W

hospitalized for food compensation: 80X365 = 2.9W

dependents cost of living: If 18-year-old child out of the social work that Is -1X12X1 = 12W

compensation for a total of 65W, then pay high insurance compensation may be up to 122,000, three 50W, 65W-62W = about 3W, need themselves about 3W. So a third party to purchase Auto insurance 50W Is not enough, not to mention, and that there Is also a lot of factors, the victim if the family has more than two children, um, only cost a lot higher, there are other damages, such as mental and the loss of these payments. Also consider some developed areas, perhaps in the 4.5 tier cities thIs compensation may be less, but in a second-tier cities, I am afraid that thIs Will be much higher. So in order to be responsible for themselves, but also responsible for others, the three proposed purchase of more than 100W better.

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