These three can not buy car insurance, said that he does not spend money to scrap it would not open, do not be a routine!

These three can not buy Car insurance, said that he does not spend money to scrap it would not open, do not be a routine!

Now after buying the Car, the first thing Is to give an insurance policy on their Car, which in addition to the necessary cross-strong insurance, but also buy commercial insurance, commercial insurance, but insurance but much, multifarious many owners buy insurance do not know what to buy several, most of the time, said that insurance buy what to buy what, so it Is easy to be routine. These three can not buy Car insurance, said that he does not spend money to scrap it would not open, do not be a routine!

The first Is to pilfer, many people feel daoqiangxian can buy, especially when the approach of the year, to have a good year thief but very rampant, also often see people stealing things smashing windows on the News, so many owners to buy pilfer, but here we want to know, Is not a guarantee pilfer Automotive interior property, even its external property such as tires and even Cars rear-view mirror not insurance, it Is your Car insurance lost was robbed and brought back, in thIs case daoqiangxian can come in handy, I Will not speak of how small the probability of lost Car, whenever the Car Is open walk, the way so many high-definition camera, how it could be brought back to the Car? So thIs Is useless to spend money to pilfer not said that he have no access to retirement.

The second spontaneous combustion rIsk, the insurance rIsk Is routine, thIs first Car spontaneous combustion occurred within the warranty, manufacturers Will be compensation, the insurance company Will not be repeated thIs time compensation, followed if the Car has been modified, or what Car flammable, such as lighters, perfume and other things are also not claim. ThIs Is the Car ignition probability Is very low, the insurance company Will find a variety of reasons to spontaneous combustion after not paid, so do not buy thIs insurance, to no avail.

The third scratches insurance, scratches insurance may at first sound quite helpful, because driving Is unavoidable bumps on the road, who’s Car there Will be twelve scratches. But to note here, scratches insurance coverage Is not obvious in the case of a vehicle collIsion body scratches claims Will be, that your Car parked in that does not move, was scratched with a sharp object before claims. Is not thIs an uneconomical.

Insurance routine now more than that, a lot of people are aware of the dangerous condition of the insurance if the first several times, the second annual premium Will increase, not only that, if there Is no record in three years so dangerous condition premiums Will be much lower, whenever there Is a drop in premiums rarely. So many older drivers rub in the Car or scratches occur when the loss of 1,000 yuan or less are themselves. Because they themselves are not cost 20 dollars, a lot of people wonder, which also have to own up painting Car repair hundreds of pieces of it, Why did they spend less than 20 dollars can be solved?

ThIs Is because they use up paint pen up painting a lot of Car owners know, Is up painting a new kind of touch-up painting tools on the market many pen, but said today that thIs Is a use of the original factory paint, and the operation Is very simple, just apply to the scratched area and then wait for the water to dry sandpaper a polIshed, easy to Carry but also quick-drying, make up after the completion of the effect Is not worse than the 4s shop, the most important Is also a few dollars, very cost-effective.