These principles tell you how clever to buy car insurance!

on an article we summarize some basic common sense Car insurance, at the end of Round Valley, the article has told you that in the back Will explain in detail some of the basic insurance Buy Buy principle, I believe the majority owners of friends really Care about how to buy? Today Laijiangjiang purchase Auto insurance principles, incidentally, explain some of the basic features of Auto insurance, that the owners of friends can gain something, I feel good point to remember praIse and forwarding Oh!

to purchase the principle

a priority purchase full third party liability insurance

All third party Car insurance coverage Is most important. After all, you can not drive a Car destroyed, however, compensation for others Is not exempt, you should keep the ability to compensate losses to others in the first place when buying Car insurance. OtherwIse, the only thing to do Is, after the accident, first sell the house, the preservation of property or divorce, Will you? With provIso that the loophole Is that the other party does not apply for property preservation of your assets. Therefore, in order to avoid similar trouble, or the third party rIsk insurance in full.

Second, the three insurance insurance amount of compensation to be referred to the standard location

compensation standards all parts of the country Is not the same, according to the highest standard Automobile insurance compensation calculation, if the death of one person, the maximum compensation New York may reach 150 million, the highest in California may have 800,000 yuan. For example: If you pay the full responsibility for the accident in 2008, the death of a person, the deceased 30-year-old California city accounts, compensation Is calculated as follows, estimated at 600,000 yuan.

The three add up to more than 600,000 possible. If California Car owners, it Is recommended to see their old insurance policy, if it Is less than the amount of insurance, insurance Is recommended at least 200,000 or more, conditional insurance 500 000, do not go to third party liability insurance to save money. Some insurance companies insure more than 500,000, it also rejected the insurance. From thIs perspective, you should know the key third party liability insurance of the bar.

Third, the board staff to buy enough insurance, to buy Car damage

motorIstsYou are recommended if no other accident insurance and health insurance of the owners, to their last 100,000 drivers insurance as medical expenses, be responsible for the family now. Passengers insurance if passengers more than the chance to be insured amount more, 5-10 million / Block, be responsible for the family and passengers. If fewer passengers the chance, every seat Paul 10000 Is more economical.

Fourth, the purchase of Car damage and then buy other types of insurance

traffic accident Is often accompanied by damage to the Car, where the rest Is hIstory.

V. purchase three insurance, driver seat passenger liability insurance, caustic danger of deductible insurance

spend a little more money, let the insurance company for compensation when it does not buckle buckle it.

Six other insurance (pilfer, glass, spontaneous combustion, scratches insurance) in conjunction with their needs later

For example pilfer, glass , spontaneous combustion, scratches insurance, etc. other types of insurance, rIsk in the Car, the rIsk relative to the above 1-5, and Will not cause serious impact on family well-being and finances. So, I personally recommend to buy according to their needs.

Insurance Features

reparation motor vehicle insurance Is generally fixed, but if the vehicle repair than the replacement cost the cost Is cheap, the insurance company Is likely to declare the Car a total loss. Generally, motor vehicle insurance insurance amount Is the purchase price of a new Car or a vehicle was insured value, but the use of the vehicle has depreciated, while the insurance company Will set an absolute deductible, so dangerous condition in the case of total loss, compensation sure It Will be lower than the amount of insurance. Normally one year or one year, if the period of insurance claims did not occur, you can enjoy the NCD rates during the renewal of such insurance coverage.

(1) the subject matter of insurance rate dangerous condition. Motor vehicle belonging to the vehicle, the norm that Is non-stop movement, so it Is prone to collIsions resulting in personal property damage. And because the early adminIstrative licensing program Is not perfect, many drivers do not have the basic technique. Transport facilities and management are gradually improving in a motor vehicleInsurance rate.

(2) a multi-service, insurance rate. PrecIsely because of the dangerous condition of the motor vehicle Is high, so the owners of motor vehicles and traffic management departments have passed through insurance rIsk, so the increase in motor vehicle insurance, the insured rate.

(3) Complex insurance, professional, consumer easy to produce mIsleading.

Motor vehicle insurance into basic insurance and additional insurance, wherein additional rIsk can not be independently insured. Basic insurance including third party liability insurance (liability insurance), loss of vehicle insurance (Car damage); Additional rIsks include the entire vehicle pilfer (pilfer), vehicle liability insurance, no-fault liability insurance, vehicle liability Cargo drop insurance, glass breakage alone, vehicle insurance suspended loss, spontaneous loss of insurance, new equipment damage insurance, excluding special insurance deductible. And many of these types of insurance can not simply be understood in the literal sense, and some insurance company staff mIsleading presentation of the case at the time of insurance, consumers can not lead to a better understanding of the terms of the various types of insurance, resulting in mIsunderstanding, dIspute.

(4) the uncertainty

Since the motor vehicle traveling on land, mobility, travel Is not fixed, the insurer words, Will increase the uncertainty and unpredictability of the rIsk of accidents and insurance losses.

(5) expansion of insurable interest

For example, as long as it was being allowed insured person qualified driver use of motor vehicles insured If the insurance accident the insurance agreed in the contract occurred, and third party property damage or personal injury insurance per capita liable. When the insurer to assume thIs responsibility, but requires conditions: a driver Is qualified driver, and driving a motor vehicle has been insured and the insurer’s consent, without requiring its ownership of a motor vehicle, possession or management rights. ThIs Is actually the insurance contract to expand an insurable interest, but also to enlarge the insurance liability.

(6) NCD

NCD Is specific to motor vehicle insurance system, in order to solve its core Is the rIsk of uneven the case of the dIstribution of the direct insuranceAssociated with the actual loss.

In order to encourage the insured and their drivers strictly abide by traffic rules safe driving, motor vehicle insurance business in various countries have adopted “no claim bonus” system.

(7) the public interest

motor vehicle third party liability insurance and motor vehicle as an inseparable liability insurance business in the vast majority of countries have adopted mandatory implementation of the principle, which Is a compulsory insurance business, each country Is special treatment for thIs kind of business, its starting point Is to safeguard the public interest, namely to ensure that the injured party in a road traffic accident can effective financial compensation. So, Car insurance Is the best way to protect the driver’s personal rights and interests protection.