These four popular knowledge of auto insurance claims you know it?

to purchase Auto insurance needs every year, most of the owners of a friend of Auto insurance or have a certain understanding, but for some specific cases of insurance claims, many people may not be very clear, though Car insurance claims we do not often come across, but we need to know more about themselves, at least be aware of yourself. Columbia Car today to share a few of these popular knowledge of claims, insurance claims after learning you Will have a deeper understanding.

in the Auto repair plant had an accident, the insurance company claims it Will?

accident in the 4S shop or Auto repair factory, the insurance companies are refusing payment because, according to “People’s Republic of U.S. Insurance Law” insurance contracts agreed: the insured vehicle during the race, testing, repair, maintenance and other accidents, the insurer Is liable. Because in thIs period the vehicle Is repaired or belonging to state custody, the owner of a temporary loss of control over the vehicle, nor made operational benefit, so in the meantime the accident occurred, the insurance company Is not paid.

a puncture halfway vehicle, the insurance company pay it?

damaged tires alone are not included in the scope of claims, that if only puncture occurred, and no other damage, then the insurance company Is not paid. Of course, if in the accident damaged vehicle vehicle, when a tire Is damaged in the range of compensation.

items inside the Car were injured, the insurance company pay it?

Many owners like to put a lot of decorative pieces in the Car, such as perfume, ornaments, etc. if something in driving the process, because the brakes these objects accidentally injured, the insurance company claims it Will? For thIs situation to say a lot, the Car brother to tell you that as long as the owner purchased the motor vehicle drivers and passengers personal accident insurance, in which case can claim. Here it must be reminded that, if really thIs Is the case, in the case of first ensure their own safety, as soon as possible notify the insurance claimsPersonnel to the scene investigation

in the end not to move the Car after a small traffic accident?

If the event that case, the first thing you should think of Is recording the scene, photographed leaving certificate. Before heard of such a thing, a friend and the other small rubs or scratches occur, the person admit full responsibility, and suggested that the Car moved to the side of the road to do the processing, wait until after the move the Car each other’s rhetoric immediately changed, but because there Is no leaving the scene evidence, ultimately, the responsibility Is 50-50. If you are unsure who Is responsible in the end, be sure to take pictures to stay certificate, and then move the Car.

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