These four items on the rescue car insurance Is free, but most owners do not know

The four relief projects on Car insurance Is free, but most owners do not yet know

As people continue to raIse the economic level, a lot of people now have bought a Car has become Car owners. I believe that many Car owners bought, are very understanding of Car insurance. When it comes to Auto insurance, many people Will tangle, and in the end have to buy Auto insurance what insurance Is most suitable. The rIsk to spend no access, no access to buy wasted. Many people’s understanding of Car insurance Is going to spend to buy, do not buy do not have access. But they ignore the Auto insurance there are some free rescue services? The rescue services help the busy, but sometimes the.

First, Car repairs, the rescue services but very useful. If we’re driving, the Car suddenly there Is a problem, halfway to broke down. ThIs Is better in urban areas, and if it Is in trouble in the wilderness. At thIs time many people are helpless, and some chose to call the trailer, but the trailer does cost too expensive, but not called there Is no other way. But many people have forgotten their Car insurance rescue services, we can call directly reflected to the insurance company, they Will be sent to our maintenance staff to repair. And we do not need to pay a special fee, as long as the replacement of some parts of the fee on the line.

Secondly, it Is free to send gasoline, if we while driving, the Car was found in the fuel tank Is not enough to open the destination, then you can give the insurance company, such as one about an hour or two, there Will be sent to the Car gets here. Moreover, we only need to pay petrol money line, can be quite convenient. The third Is to take the electric Car services, Car no electricity thIs case, much more common than not. Many times we forget to come back at night and shut the Car’s headlights, it Will lead to time tomorrow morning to go by Car and found the Car out of power can not be started. If we let people come to the repair shop you take power, thIs Is to be charged. However, we contact the insurance company, you do not need to spend money, but thIs service Is often, if more than the number of times the service can not provide the service.

Fourth, the free trailerRescue. I believe that we should be very familiar. If the Car on the road Is bad or accident, the need to call the Car towed trailer, trailer towing companies generally costs are high. But the insurance company in thIs area can also provide trailers relief, generally if we are able to call the insurance company within 100 kilometers, so they sent the trailer, and thIs service Is free of charge.

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