These five car rescue all free, stop wasting money! Check it out together –

Is now getting better and better quality of life, and many people have bought the Car. But a Car Is often required budget, you can choose your favorite model and configuration when buying a Car, but the latter also need to give a variety of Car insurance. Late fuel consumption Is also the province to province, there are not only these daily maintenance costs, maintenance costs and even, large and small expenses add up dazzling.

in particular, often encounter some minor problems after buying a Car, in addition to a small rub a small impact than later when the Car was the same person and occasional rounds of small temper suddenly do not go on the road. ThIs time the owners have always faced monster surprIse, can only be called a trailer, but the trailer also need to cost a small fortune, and that thIs cost in the end can not save it? In fact, it Is possible, the insurance company told us, usually in the case of these five rescue are free, can finally do not waste money. We together look.

1. Rescue way.

In general the Car Is not a problem, better said, but the problem appeared suddenly in dIstress Car. After thIs time the village could not be found before the middle of the shop repair shop how to do? We do not worry, in fact, Is not no way, at thIs time Just call the insurance company, they Will send professionals to repair. And thIs time the owners only have to pay maintenance costs like, do not have more than a sum of the towing fee. So the Car wrong to ask the insurance company, chances are it can save money.

2. Trailer rescue

As mentioned earlier the Car driving on the road suddenly losing hIs temper do not go, and thIs time the owner must be very anxious heart. But the face of thIs situation broke down, the owners should first call the insurance company, they Will provide free trailers. ThIs can also save a towing fee, after all, called the towing company if they are likely to take advantage of a hurry you’re knocking on your fortune. So owners must remember. When

3. The tire changing free

Will typically travel on the roadFrom time to time we come across a few nails, thIs time the Car blew a tire and how to do? Many owners may not have their own since replaced the tires on a Car, so thIs time you can call the insurance company, they can help you free to change a tire. But only if you have a spare tire can change ……

4. Free delivery gasoline

often have some sloppy little friends forget refueling on the road, or thinking about oil should be enough, the result of the estimated error on the road can not move. There Is a situation that you are in a high-speed, could not find a gas station. But do not worry when you need to park on the emergency lane, and call the insurance company’s telephone. They Will be sent to your location gasoline, thIs time only need to pay for petrol.

5. Free Take the

charging Cars and fuel Cars, angry at the lack of electricity does not move a. ThIs time called the insurance company can provide free service to take power, but also do not pay any fees.

more than five cases insurance companies can be free to solve, do not know the little friends remember? You have not seen the above circumstances it?