These do not know that car insurance to buy, it’s useless

a Car Is to shop around, many Issues to consider, but how Paul bought after, how to raIse, how Is the problem with buying a Car people Will Care about.

buy a Car to buy insurance, if they do not buy the insurance if an accident occurs and there Is no guarantee, but so many kinds of insurance, there are a lot to see Clauses Ordinance do not understand, really to make a mess. Sometimes did not understand the contents insurance, maybe an accident, the insurance company simply can not control, so today you have to chat with Car insurance that respect thing.

1, to pay high insurance

stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, thIs Is mandatory, want to buy a Car on the road Will have to buy thIs. In other words, the Insurance as we live in “low” so that you Will not have an accident can not pay, but really very little to lose, also a little bit.

2, third-party liability insurance

In short, it Is used to pay other people, other vehicles, an insurance of other things, then thIs instead of losing their own. For example, to pay compulsory insurance paid out a thousand, the rest Is borne by the insured, it Is not it feel good? But not even think so beautiful, the amount of insurance payments Is tied to the amount you buy, buy more than you lose much less if you buy, it would be ……

3, caustic danger

the above insurance Is only responsible for payment to others, that their Cars Will need a Car damage. ThIs insurance Is to protect their own vehicle damage, for example, and others Automobile collIsion, a fire spread to the Car, hail damage to Cars and so on natural dIsasters, the insured can be paid. It Is also important that there Is no upper limit as the first two of insurance, they do notMore than the price of the Car, how many losses you pay how much heart, right? But thIs Is one of the most expensive kind of Car insured.

4, board officers liability insurance

thIs Is to ensure that your Car insured persons, regardless of who Is sitting Is not your own, as long as there Is injury, can all be lost of. Then, thIs insurance shall also lose points only drivers and Car owners are two kinds of specific purchase can look at their own situation.

more than four insurance Is more basic insurance, which arguably could lose lost. But there are many insurance companies are insurance additional insurance. For example, your Car scratched others need to scratches insurance, Car damage not lose; the glass front suddenly hit fly over things, require specialized glass insurance; the Car was stolen needs to pilfer; increased summer rainfall puddle get the engine stalled, the need wading insurance; summer Car ignition, need to spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so on.

I think on the whole can buy basic insurance to buy, then buy according to their own conditions attached.