These do not have to buy car insurance save thousands a year, do not be fooled 4S shop

contains Car insurance to pay high insurance and commercial insurance, commercial insurance included, loss of vehicle insurance, pilfer, staff Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, engine wading insurance, scratches insurance, Is not deductible, passengers A damage insurance. Wading spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance. And not deductible.

Car insurance year several thousand to more than a million. 4S shop salesman. Generally flicker customers to buy a variety of Car insurance. Many of the insurance excess, no substantive effect. For example, Automobile spontaneous combustion rIsk. Automotive spontaneous combustion rIsk conditions establIshed Yes. Car to spontaneous combustion under natural conditions. Exclude outside interference, caused by internal combustion Car, it’s only establIshment. If it Is caused by other reasons. Other outside interference caused by spontaneous combustion Car insurance Is not paid within the Car ignition of.

Automotive glass breakage alone Is also not necessary to purchase. Insurance Is also in a pit, Why, glass breakage alone the establIshment of conditions Yes. Must be after the Car broke down, when only a single broken glass, glass breakage alone was set up. If there are other factors, such as scratched paint, other parts of the crash, glass breakage alone Is not compensation, which we should pay attention.

wading Car insurance Is the insurance of a pit, Why do you say, Car insurance wading conditions are establIshed, the case can not start the Car the second time after the Car broke soaked in water, can be establIshed. So Why wading Car insurance Is not necessary to buy. Difficult situation caused by thIs insurance payment, the daily life Is very common.

we learned after the above insurance, know that Car insurance Is a lot of pit , no need to buy a lot, but also save a lot of money.

we agree with thIs view? Welcome to speak on.