These do not have to buy car insurance, can save thousands a year, do not be fooled 4S shop

a lot of friends bought a new Car should know that basically every Car in the 4S shop Is forced to buy insurance. The reason Is that there are rebate 4S shop insurance companies, thIs part of the profits 4S shop Is a very big source of income, Is no exaggeration to say that perhaps profit selling a Car without insurance rebate are high. Thus explain Why the new Car Will be the insurance Is generally mandatory reason 4S shop to buy at the bar. These do not have to buy Car insurance, can save thousands a year, do not be fooled 4S shop

For example, Automobile spontaneous combustion rIsk. Automotive spontaneous combustion rIsk conditions establIshed Yes. Car to spontaneous combustion under natural conditions. Exclude outside interference, caused by internal combustion Car, it’s only establIshment. If it Is caused by other reasons. Other outside interference caused by spontaneous combustion Car insurance Is not paid within the Car ignition of. According to the number of seats to the Car insurance, the premium each seat 50, for compensation for traffic accidents caused by the vehicle casualties. If you purchase additional life insurance can not buy, you can also spend a few hundred dollars to buy extra protection.

If the owner Is living in the inner cities, the local environment Is also no heavy rain, then completely unnecessary purchases. Because the main security rIsk Is wading water sections or vehicle after the vehicle was flooded, resulting in compensable damage during launch. But note that if the owner knew the engine was flooded, but also forced to start the engine, then cause damage, Is not compensable.

the whole Car pilfer, usually love to buy a new Car Is the insurance that new Car, if it was stolen. In fact, vehicle anti-theft system, trying to steal a Car or very difficult, if stolen, Why not steal a luxury Car, and now monitored so advanced, there was little of the stolen vehicle, but Zabo Li went to the Car to steal quite a few, but the insurance company Is not compensable.