There are three kinds of insurance on the car enough, the more useless, not buy other compensation!

There are the

Car three kinds of insurance Is enough, the more useless, not buy other compensation!

now more Cars, similar to Car insurance companies and more, we all know that in our country, to buy a Car after provIsion must give on Car insurance, thIs provIsions but also to the Car owners to consider, after all, no matter how good a person’s driving skills, but also inevitably encounter some treatment but to emergencies, but thIs time the role of insurance Is greatly reflects.

We usually drive the process in the event of some emergency situations, as long as the purchase of insurance, as long as a phone call to let Insurance over, it Will not only help owners to be properly treated, and Will have the insurance to bear the loss of respect, which greatly reduces the burden on owners, but also greatly reduces the losses of owners, because these functions, many owners in after purchasing the Car they are very reluctant to buy insurance.

and we are not very common understanding of insurance consumers, when buying insurance, the insurance company usually recommend a wide range of types of insurance packages , the insurance company gave users the recommended type of insurance, not only looks very practical, but the amount of protected species and reimbursement Is also very tempting, make it difficult to refuse, and when they do not understand some of the owners, Will They blindly buy a lot of insurance, in fact, these are special or look very useful insurance, basically less than, so many owners are spending a lot of money wasted in vain.

we give on Car insurance when, in fact, and when we do things like do not necessarily mean more Is better, the key Is to have use only , insurance Is the same, Is not necessarily to say that the more severe the more the insurance, the insurance Shang Hao has been critical enough of, on much the insurance Is in vain to give money, we take a look at those Insurance Is we have to be on, but also the most important.

First, the first one Is compulsory insurance, thIs one no doubt, as long as the Car Is a kind of insurance you have to get on. Then special insurance deductible,ThIs one Is an additional species, in case of an emergency, thIs allows the insured loss of all the insurance units to compensate the owner. The last time a commercial third party liability insurance, thIs Is a lot of owners Will purchase insurance, which Is in a case of emergency, thereby causing damage to the other party, when we compensation, the insurance unit Will be solely responsible for the insurance.

I said above when three insurance to Car insurance, have to pay three types of insurance, which Is three in the event of an emergency the most likely cause of the event, but also the most efficient use of raw several insurance, while others look at individual needs, most types of insurance are not actually in effect, Is white to buy the insurance companies give money .

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