The vehicle buy what kind of insurance? What auto insurance Is a must buy? LIsten to my advice!

Some netizens friend asked: what Auto insurance Is a must buy? Which insurance company Is more reliable? Here to talk about Car insurance.

have to buy Car insurance only to pay high insurance, commercial insurance Is not mandatory but it Is necessary, we recommend insurance include the following:

1, third party liability insurance, property and pay high insurance, Is paid a third party personnel in the accident, the vehicle, and property damage, but the sum insured can choose their own. Recommended sum insured 1 million, a low level of rIsk. (Only three insurance compensation others, do not lose own)

2, Car damage insurance, thIs insurance only to lose one’s own, whether it Is multi-party accidents (or full responsibility main responsibility), unilateral accidents, vehicle damage can occur Car damage insurance claims, vehicle do not have to pay. Open a new Car pricing reference fare, the old Car to assess the price calculated in accordance with the depreciation rate, the price of more than 50,000 family Car insurance Is recommended.

3, non-deductible insurance, to say that the insurance Ting did not limit the three responsibilities and caustic danger and not 100% compensation in the accident, after the need to add non-deductible to the full pay, which Is an additional charge but it Is necessary to insure, or Car collIsion Car accident better treatment, spending on human injury accident most of the.

4, seat insurance, also known as board officers liability insurance, third others are dangerous only to lose, only to lose hIs Car caustic danger, if an accident occurs casualties own peril, people do not want to assume responsibility for their own liability Car insurance Is only to lose their own Car insurance members, should be able to understand.

5, no third-party special insurance, mainly for the accident can not find the perpetrators to escape after a third-party, 50 year buy at ease.

general family Cars have these five basic business insurance even if there Is no rIsk, and you can remove the old driver seat insurance, cheap old Car caustic danger can be removed, to adjust their driving according to the level and condition of the vehicles it .

As for the insurance company Which Which cheap option, accident claims process and the payment standard Is the same, the difference Is attitude and follow-up speed, if not satIsfied, you can complain to the Insurance Regulatory Bureau, with good results.

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