The three most useless car insurance, buy they are equal to a waste of money!

As we all know, after buying a Car you must buy Auto insurance, even if you do not want to buy another Auto insurance, compulsory insurance Is a must buy, but there are a lot of people Will buy it back after the Car Will Compare Care, when buying Auto insurance Is relatively generous, basically directly to buy all rIsks, but there are many types of full insurance, many of them there are some useless insurance, in order that we can save some money, small Shen came today and everyone said said, three of the most useless Car insurance, they buy Is tantamount to a waste of money! Well, ado, then, let us go straight to the chase!

The first: pilfer! As the name suggests, refers to pilfer after the vehicle Is stolen or robbed, the insurance company Will pay for some losses, although pilfer payment of relatively large range, such as: the entire vehicle Is stolen, damaged after the vehicle theft and theft of vehicles damaged during these are the insurance companies Will be paid, although a large range of payment pilfer, but really do not need to buy such insurance, because the rIsk of vehicle theft robbed Is very small, in the past, when vehicles are likely to be Pirates robbed, but now basically no one to go stealing the vehicle, unless that person has a brain pit, because now filled with the camera, even after the vehicle Is stolen robbed it’s easy to find, so now basically no one Will go stealing the vehicle, and later if the vehicle Is stolen parts, such as: Car tires, Car and other property, such theft and robbery insurance company Is not paid, so that the pilfer basically useless, bought It Is a waste of money!

The second: wading insurance! Wading rIsk refers to the vehicle after water damage, the insurance company Will compensate for the losses, although now more rainfall, but wading insurance really do not recommend to buy, because a small wading insurance payment scope, if the vehicle Is water resulting in engine damage, then the insurance company can be paid, but the rest Is not within the scope of compensation! Then someone said: the engine Is the most important parts of the vehicle, if the engine inlet Is broken, repair time would not spend a lot of money? In fact, after the engine water Will not damage the engine after the water Will cause the vehicle to stall, but then again if you do not start the engine Will not be damaged, thIs time to repair water treatment plant inside the engine cleaner on it, but if the two time start it, the engineDamage and most likely Will be scrapped off, but second start of the vehicle, then the insurance company claims Is not, then the problem comes, no secondary engine start Is not bad, but the second start, then the insurance without payment, then buy wading insurance does not buy it would be tantamount to white?

Third: spontaneous combustion rIsk! Spontaneous combustion rIsk refers to the case of a vehicle without cause burning, the insurance company Will compensate the owners, but also very spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not necessary to buy a kind of insurance, because the probability of the occurrence of spontaneous combustion Car Is almost zero, even if the vehicle Is really spontaneous combustion in thIs case, the Car manufacturers Will also be paid, because the vehicle has a three-year warranty period Is even longer, so spontaneous combustion occurred in the warranty period, then the Car manufacturers have a responsibility for damages, if the vehicle Is more dIstant case of spontaneous combustion occurs, but, if your vehicle been modified, including the change headlights, navigation equipment, installation of lights, the atmosphere, the small-amplitude modification also belongs to the modification, the insurance company Will use thIs excuse no compensation, so said spontaneous combustion rIsk Is the most useless kind of Auto insurance, also equal to the white buy buy!

Well, today a small sink to share here, more than three Auto insurance Is the most useless, for the above point of view, you have a kind of views and opinions it? Do you think what kind of Auto insurance most useless it? Gangster welcome you to come to dIscuss! Finally, a small sink in here I wIsh you all a happy Car, safe trip!

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