The second annual car insurance how to buy the most money?

To answer thIs question set a good prerequIsite Is that the price of the Car, since the owners Care about the price of insurance and more working-class, the vehicles generally have about one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand vehicles in the majority, the most direct effective solution Is to save money with insurance, the insurance company must choose a large company, with reasonable insurance, insurance premiums almost all the same small, so big and small companies premiums Will not be much worse. But security services was very different, it Is recommended must choose a trusted reputation of large companies, such as PICC, Pacific, Ping and so on. Once when necessary claims process make us feel relatively at ease, buck-passing of bad feelings Will not let thIs upset mood on account of the accident appeared worse. Here’s vehicles were two price range to do some explanation.

If it Is about two hundred thousand vehicles suggestions: caustic danger + + does not count the three free. If you frequently pull the load together with family or friends on board staff insurance, insurance Is no need to protect the rest. Focus Is on the three best Is 1 million. Enough, high sense of waste, low no insurance.

If it Is about one hundred thousand suggestions: three 1000000 + Excluding avoid it. The reason Is about how to repair hundreds of thousands of Cars are affordable range, really serious accidents of low probability, repairs on their Cars Will not hurt at all. You can save each year more than 1,000 premium, it Is still very cost-effective.

can be solved within two thousand yuan and Recommendation does not go insurance, labor heart trouble, after the premium has not been favorable. After looking down may be only a few hundred dollars or tens of dollars. It lacks practical significance.

the most important thing Is to Compliance driving, avoid responsibility for the accident. There Is a peace of mind while driving. Sit safely enjoy driving, do not fight a moment of speed. Allow vehicles to be hidden service fees for our tool, not a crIsIs of our security. Indeed, there are around a lot of friends Will buy insurance when buying a new Car, like the whole Car pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so many glass insurance can be purchased according to their needs. When it comes to how to choose the most important of the insured vehicle there are two, one Is to choose a good brand service insurance companies, Auto insurance business to do far better brand was PaulInsurance, Pacific Insurance, Ping An Insurance, the insurance company’s strength Is very important, so out of all sorts of trouble when accident claims. Although small insurance companies are cheap, but also on the amount of claims it Will be dIscounted.

Car insurance, money has never been the first principle! Recommend priority to the quality of services insurance companies (response rate, payment efficiency, quality of maintenance, etc.), the proposed preference PICC, CPIC and other large insurance company, the second-year general insurance dIscount several insurance companies are the same. Mainly depends on how much you give anti points. There send something. General insurance Is something to send. If you have a friend who Is engaged in the insurance industry can look for him to buy. Then rebate to you Is very cost-effective.