The owners bought car insurance, save a lot of money, the result Is painful

our generation Is undoubtedly the most fortunate generation, to catch up with high-speed trains, the country’s rapid economic development of the country, the people of our common life becomes more abundant, most households have private Cars, our daily demand for travel has greatly promoted the same time, how to ensure the safety Issue Is our greatest concern.

In addition to their own lives and safety, but also to protect their property.

that “insurance” Is essential when we buy insurance you have to say it Is random, you feel like you do not know which items should be insured manner mIst it?

The following editing two real cases to dIscuss what we should buy and problems should be noted: Case 1: The self-righteous, greedy, Mr. Liu’s business in recent years has been very successful.

three years ago, he has more than 500,000 yuan price to buy a BMW 5-series Car, according to the latest market valuation, thIs Car worth about 300,000 yuan.

after the expiration of the insurance, the insurance company to buy 30 million of insurance based on the assessment requirements, but insurance companies do not agree to buy the insurance companies, because they do not meet the requirements.

However, Liu did not agree.

In any event, it must be insured 300,000.

According to Mr. Liu salesman must sweep the intention of the business, but he has consequences, and Mr. Liu was alone. Insurance Soon after, Mr. Liu’s Car was damaged accident, the insurance company compensation for depreciation of 30 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), the result of less than 20 million. Liu ran for three years, an average of a year to run more than one thousand kilometers, running more than twenty thousand miles a year. Not just a big one. but it Is not the truth. It started to fall after the Car sale. Vehicle depreciation, state regulations, insurance of goods, insurance underwriting and adjustments shall be submitted by the national authorities. As the goods are sold, it must be approved by the price department. In the price range of the vehicle permitted, compensation can be paid in proportion to the normal vehicle depreciation claims, during the settlement, it Is necessary to hold at the time of the purchase invoice.

In fact, the insurance company Will not force you to insure the total value. Not according to the total price of the vehicle for insurance proportionally reduced after the accident. In thIs case, he has the option guarantees 500,000 yuan, you can also choose low-cost options. However, the amount of compensation Is proportional to the amount of insurance we spend with the problem. If a traffic accident occurs, we Will lose $ 100,000. If your Car Is fully insured, the full compensation would be $ 10,000. However, if you buy insurance Is not fully insured, the compensation also depends on your Car insurance price percentage. Then how are we to do? First of all, because they are not professionals, they often have a lot of hearsay, and it has a lot to understand. But everything has it’s rules and regulations, if done in accordance with its intentions might be social chaos. So, when it comes to the field you do not know, we need to hear more, but the key Is to do it in accordance with the rule of law, something beyond any rule of law, surfaces are quite cheap in the long , thIs Is not happen to your body.

Second, there are ideas and opinions Is certainly good, but the rules and the law Is not very good, because these are the inherent law through countless arguments and reality Education formed. Once these legal form, it must be overthrown, must be made more complex arguments in order to gain public identity, more importantly, to get the identity of thIs country who has the force of law. Since thIs Is a needed commodity such awareness, consumers on the one hand to strengthen understanding of the commodity, on the other hand to be screened opinion of insurance professionals, which Is beneficial to them, not their own way. Case 2: “all rIsk” does not mean “full compensation” Mr. buying Mercedes-Benz, after much questioning, Mr. Sun cover “all rIsk” for their Cars, in order to protect the security of their property. No need to say, these three factors not taken into account deductions and rIsks, such as body scratches, broken glass, Car damage, theft and rescue and other rIsks.

can be said to be all-round protection. One day, Mr. Sun from work as usual, parked on the roadside parking spaces. The next day, when he used thIs Car, he found that the left main window was knocked down, something the Car was stolen. The left main driver of doors, wings and rear-view mirror was completelyBreak. I thought I was insured against all rIsks. I can get full compensation in the insurance, but I did not. In thIs regard, the Sun and do not know him, said he had the whole of the insurance rIsk, Why not on a full-rIsk pay, but also to assume their responsibilities. Best not to buy insurance, but also to bear their own costs when buying insurance. He really suffered a loss. In fact, legal and insurance jargon word “full rIsk” does not exIst. Many people are accustomed to these types of business insurance summarized as “full insurance”, but even if you are covered by the so-called “full insurance”, can not be paid in full for all losses.

genuine vehicle insurance “all rIsks” include: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle insurance personnel seats, vehicle theft insurance, separate glass the rIsk of breakage, self insurance, water damage insurance, body paint damage insurance, spare parts insurance, ancillary equipment theft insurance, liability insurance relief for moral damage, loss insurance new equipment, its Cargo liability insurance, wheeled separate damage insurance, Car body paint damage insurance, body paint damage insurance, spare parts theft insurance, mental damage insurance, loss insurance new equipment. Cargo liability insurance, Automobile Cargo liability insurance, special vehicles extend insurance loss, the loss of fixed machinery and equipment of special vehicle insurance, customs duties vehicle liability insurance rates, road pollution liability insurance, as well as interested parties: Does not include deductions for driving holidays area extending legal services to special provIsions, use of seat belts special provIsions, the multiple accident rate Is particularly exemption clause, a new Car to replace the special terms, additional special terms during the accident repair costs, professional repair shop designated special provIsions, special provIsions replace, special rescue fee terms, etc. .

If you want to keep the above, it Will be about 10% of the price of the Car. Such costs far beyond the current American owners Insurance psychological bottom line. So, now generally normal traffic insurance, Car damage insurance, liability three, people, glass and corresponding non-indemnity insurance. All of these are insured transportation insurance, commercial insurance (excluding deductible insurance), Auto body scratches insurance, separate glass breakage, damage insurance, theft insurance, insurance and special provIsions of spontaneous combustion plants specified – but not above Insurance regarded as “all rIsk”, but not to such a policy as “all rIsk”, but not to such a policy as “all rIsks.” How do we choose? First, prior to commercial insurance, we must first find out what we need to buy the insurance settlement mechanIsms, responsibilities and detailed terms and conditions. Even if you buy a so-called “full insurance” when you really need it, you may not be adequately compensated.

Therefore, when we choose the type of insurance we need, we should be fully aware of their rIsk after purchase, and select the necessary rIsk according to the actual situation protection. Only when we know it in my heart that we can avoid these mIstakes caused dIssatIsfaction. Secondly, in the purchase of insurance, the owners have the right to let people in the insurance explanation corresponding rules and principles of the protection of insurance and insurance claims to address matters that need attention, because the insurance practitioners to truthfully inform the owners about the type of insurance obligations and responsibilities. When the economy allows, the owner should not take any cheap, otherwIse they Will suffer great losses. For our pilot friends, it’s the equivalent of adding a layer thickness of armor in our property, which greatly ensure the safety of our property everyday Car. When you buy insurance, you Will be a better understanding of what you should buy