The owner Note: The four car insurance companies free delivery service! Do not waste thIs great opportunity lingua franca

We all know that buying a Car to pay the insurance, some insurance still had to pay, but few people know that insurance companies also offer some free services. The owner Note: The four Car insurance companies free delivery service! Lingua franca Do not waste thIs opportunity.

The first service road rescue trailer. Sometimes we Will be out of the Car down on the road, no one around to help, many owners Will choose to help tow truck company, but people have used their services know that their high cost of the rescue services. In fact, we have no choice to pay the insurance, then we can turn to the insurance companies to fight, generally not more than 100 km, they Will provide free towing service assIstance, of course, more than their prescribed dIstance, it Will incur additional fees of.

The second service Is sent to oil feed antifreeze. Car and find that it Is not enough to halfway, or antifreeze Is not enough, how would you do thIs time? Most people choose themselves, thIs Is certainly not because they do not want to trouble others, but they do not know insurance companies also offer such services. On the way to deal with such an emergency situation, it Is to call people to the insurance companies, but thIs service Is only available for the stranded vehicles in the vicinity of urban areas, and are in accordance with the market price of oil and antifreeze charges, but labor and service costs are no longer charged.

The third Is a repair service. If the Car broke down halfway in, halfway tires were punctured. . . . . . How should we do? Of course, call the insurance company, ah, they Will bring people to come and help repair these simple repairs Is no charge, but if your Car needs replacement parts, they are to be charged for these parts are.

The fourth Is a service inspection. We all know that vehicle inspection Is a troublesome thing, but we worked really are busy at thIs time if someone can help solve it would be great! Insurance companies Will cooperate with the detection field, not only provide free annual service, and a phone can get. In addition to the insurance company can also help handle all kinds of payments, definitely let you save time and effort.

everyone to know to buy Car insurance, can also just stay in obtaining compensation for accidents on thIs point, wasted a lot of free services. These services are additional services provided by insurance companies, when needed, of course we can ask the insurance company to honor, do not feel embarrassed or wrong, thIs Is as it should enjoy the service. Some people may also think too greedy limitations of these services, nor Is it completely free. Everyone has to say about it?