The original car insurance, there are these five free service, did not know about

Cars on the road, speeding around a little Carelessness Will bumps. So, before driving down the road Is a must buy Car insurance, like Why do we have to pay the same health insurance. Like today small up driving to work in the morning, I found out a very serious haze, vIsibility less than 5 meters. On the road of accidents and almost hit someone else, small series was sCared heart thump thump of beating. Shows the importance of Car insurance, but you know that in addition to the normal Auto insurance claims, there Is another 5 free services? Xiaobian take you to see exactly which of five free service.

First, the free towing services

Car Will inevitably encounter an accident, if the road Car failure He broke down how to do? I am sure you Will say, of course, Is to find a towing company to the rescue, but we all know the cost of the rescue trailer really expensive, so the following small series to tell you a way to free the trailer to that of the insurance company phone, general large insurance companies, one time the trailer Will be free rescue services.

Although it Is free to send, but also have dIstance limitations, can not you drive a million miles to go back to your trailer for free, as long as the general no more than 100 km can provide free assIstance. So in the event of the Car broke down, quickly called the insurance companies have free to spend money without doing with it?

Second, free of oil delivery service

It Is said that life Is full of you do not know an accident . You forget there have been embarrassing thing fueling the drive you? Drove up to the half only to find no oil how to do? If there Is a gas station nearby Fortunately, if the front after the middle of nowhere where it should we turn to for help? ThIs time do not worry, Xiao Bian to tell you, of course, Is to fight the insurance company phone slightly.

A lot of people think, how could indeed be true, you only need to pay the oil money can insurance companies give you free to send over. Generally the bigger insurance companies thIs service Is 2 times a year, smaller insurance companies are entitled to an annual 1. However, as in thIs case, if you can forget a year to 2 times, Also a talent on the ah?

Third, free fast repair services

Car driving Will inevitably encounter some glitches minor problems, thIs time you do not need to own hands to solve, because there are free. Find the insurance company, but thIs free service Is based on the insurance you buy for a gift, there are number of restrictions. Do not blindly call to the insurance company, or should be charged.

Fourth, the free ride electric service

life inevitably Carelessness, small series have had a drove home, forgot to turn off the lights, and the results up the next morning to find out how the Car has not hit a fire, the battery inside the power Is exhausted. ThIs time do not worry, call the insurance company, they Will come to help you solve.

Fifth, a free add water service

Car usually pay attention to the road found the Car smoke, only to find cooling was not himself did not add water. How to do it? Or the insurance company, they Will give you free add water.

After reading these five, I believe we have problems later know how to do it! As presented above service specific service number you can call the insurance company telephone consultation in detail. Quickly move from your hands forward it to your little friend now. Welcome thumbs interaction.