The next year what to buy auto insurance the most useful? Insiders: these three Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money

the second year of what to buy Auto insurance the most useful? Insiders: these three Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money

With the frequent occurrence of Car accidents, more and more Car owners realize the importance of Auto insurance, it It may be compensated according to the degree of impairment of our vehicle when the vehicle Is damaged, and can share the rIsk caused by the accident. So many owners buy in addition to pay compulsory insurance, but also buy some commercial insurance. But many owners of Auto insurance Will be adjusted in the second year, because we have a lot of Auto insurance are less than. That second year what to buy Auto insurance it most useful? Insiders said that the following three Auto insurance Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money.

The first Is a strong insurance. ThIs Is a mandatory requirement to purchase Auto insurance, all Car owners have to pay. If the vehicle does not pay the insurance on the road Is found Will be punIshed, usually points penalty, if the circumstances are serious Will be detained. So thIs year we still have to pay the insurance. The second Is the three insurance, Auto insurance thIs can be said to be the most useful to the owner, because more vehicles on the road now traveling, might not pay attention to a vehicle collIsion and the other around.

if we did not buy thIs insurance when buying insurance in case of accident compensation needs of others, pressure on the owner Is very large. Especially in a second-tier cities, the number of more luxury Cars, Car repairs after an accident are more expensive, suggest that you buy one million three insurance, after all, we are more than just pay a few hundred dollars, but after the accident five hundred thousand and one million, but the amount of compensation that can be a difference of doubled.

The third Is non-deductible insurance, the role of the owner of the Auto insurance Is relatively large, when we are in a traffic accident was sentenced to full responsibility, if three insurance pay enough, then thIs insurance can play a role, it allows the insurance company for compensation. If you do not buy thIs insurance, we Will have their own money to compensate the accident.

the second year of the three so we try to buy Auto insurance when buying insurance, their effect on the owner Is great. But insurance companies are also very much routine, we are openWhen the Car must not arIse in the case of non-compliance, or buy insurance there may be exclusions or less pay. Secondly, we should try to reduce the number of dangerous condition, because of the increased number of dangerous condition causes the second year premiums increased a lot. In particular, some small accident, we own the vehicle to be repaired may spend hundreds of dollars on it.

But if you take the insurance may increase the second year premiums would need thousands of dollars, very worthwhile. Especially as paint damage such a case, the 4S shop repair we Will spend seven or eight hundred dollars on it. If you think the cost Is too expensive, you can also use up painting, now basically has the original paint of the Car up painting. Choose their own numbers paint coating applied wipe scratches, the Car can be repaired, and 4S shop repair effect almost two thirty money can solve the problem, Why take the insurance spend it?