The new car safety regulations, the rate of claims face “reshuffle”

Car insurance Is a matter of every owner and the prospective owners face the inevitable, I believe that every owner Is very concerned about, then, insurance matters more complex over the years are ambiguous things, like on the rate of fees, but 2017 Will launch the new Car insurance regulations, because in the past two or three times a year, even though the rIsk Is still able to enjoy a certain dIscount on renewal, but now as long as a dangerous condition, the insurance premium next year Will not dIscount. What specific provIsions Is it, I am going to look Carefully together.

in the end Is “happy” or “worry”

does not dIscount anything specific mentioned above Is it? ThIs year’s premiums rose by 25%; three times the rIsk during the insurance premiums rose 50%; four times the rIsk during the insurance premiums rose 75%; five times a dangerous period of insurance, premiums rose 100%. ThIs clearly means that the daily three five hundred minor accidents, it Is best dIscretion. Double the amount of fee amount Will be greater than the daily rate of accidents, more harm than good. So I believe we heard, what broke thIs provIsion ah, the majority of owners can be said that there Is no point to be made place. But wait! But wait! The new regulations also Release 1 year without danger, premiums hit 8.5 fold; 2 years without danger, premium hit 7 fold; 3 years without danger, Premium 6 play off. And it had a clear difference. And insurance coverage expansion Will also include a series of natural dIsasters, typhoons, storms, hail, etc. are included within the scope of compensation. At the same time because of water lead to engine damage, the engine if the insured rIsk wading loss can be compensated, thIs seems more of these, it can be said that both advantages and dIsadvantages.

controversial “zero than the whole.”

zero whole than thIs keyword, I believe the majority of owners Will feel strange, Is the price of parts and models with specific vehicle sales price ratio. Xiao Bian Simply say, for example: the accident occurred the same level with the price of the vehicle, the insurance company Will pay compensation in accordance with various aspects of the overall model including parts, with 200,000 models accident, if one of the vehicles of selling imported fashion, accessories naturally be higher, which Will also be related to the proportional compensation mode, the higher the ratio, the higher the rate of Auto insurance. And the difference between the original do not need me to say it?


in general, the new provIsions changed the pros and cons of the matter Is very clear, We hold to what kind of view it enthusiastically welcomed the comments, express their views.