The new car insurance regulations: compulsory insurance major reform Is no longer a $ 950 car owners laughed steady

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buy a Car for many people now, it Is very simple the matter Is now referred to hIs favorite Car even if you do not have money can by way of mortgage or zero down payment. We all know that after our first Car Is to have a license to drive on the road, on the other hand Is to the insured, or on the road Is very dangerous for many novice drivers, the face of the new Car Will be a lot of problems, so be sure to insurance, but not the traffic police department Is not allowed on the insured vehicle on the road.

say there Is an important component of Auto insurance today one of the compulsory insurance part, Car insurance Is divided into two, one Is the compulsory insurance and commercial insurance Is liability insurance. The name suggests Is compulsory insurance purchase Car insurance must be purchased, mandatory, and liability insurance Is in order to better business insurance to protect lives and property, implementation, and now the domestic Auto insurance basically be the kind of comprehensive coverage .

After the reform of the domestic insurance law, compulsory insurance but also ushered in the change, in which new Auto insurance law, the provIsions of the previous compulsory insurance of fixed costs 950 yuan becomes price fluctuations, specific small series Will give you specific instructions below, popular thing about that Is, the number of your daily driving dangerous condition at the time of the increase, Will be directly related to your insurance costs in the new year when, Will have rIsen, the largest increase of 30%. If you do not escape from danger in the year, the largest decline was also 30%, lifting the benchmark of 950 points fluctuate up and down.

which can be considered a more humane way of insurance, while also promoting the benefits of harmonious traffic, after all, every time you travel with your security once under the relevant insurance costs, and Is also actively follow up in commercial insurance, the same policy, there Is no danger, there Will be a relative dIscount to the owners in the new year, although much less, but the total money Well than not.

Some owners like to ask: Today I am here out of the dangerous condition of the insurance company under moreTimes for the insurance company Is not on it, and here I want to say to these owners, old iron, you think too much , a few years ago the United States of all insurance companies are interoperable, your insurance information insurers can check the , so do not cranky, safe travel, thIs Is the most important.

as well as small series would like to remind you Is thIs: you drive in the remote northwestern region must pay attention to safety, do not open a grudge Cars, all kinds of insecurity driving behavior, which Is Why? Because in many remote areas, where many Cars are bought only compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance only, you should get the idea. If you explain also the value of 120,000 there. Compulsory insurance maximum payment, thIs understand it.

there because a lot of times people little wide, very few people Will buy commercial insurance, it Is not necessary. If compulsory insurance can not buy their Car can “streaking” on the road. Greatly stayed there so understanding. Please be sure to pay attention to safety.