The most useless car of four kinds of insurance, renewal Is best not to buy, generally do not need!

Today, more and more Cars on the road, Is constantly increasing the rIsk factor, we Will tend to buy their Car after Car on some insurance. Many friends just to mention a new Car, perhaps because their technology Is not enough clearance, coupled with the relatively new Car, it Will buy all rIsks, although not very necessary, but it can also be understood, but thIs time the renewal of the insurance may not again 4 bought, that are not used, in general, we do not need.

1: vehicle Spontaneous Insurance

the role of insurance may seem, after all, the moment the News, there are many events on the Car ignition occurred, so the Car ignition itself Is not impossible. But know thIs, if our Car Is the result of hIs own conduct rectification circuit, such as the installation configuration, and so out of the question, resulting in spontaneous combustion occurs, then the insurance company Will not give us the payment.

But if our Car appeared in the case of spontaneous combustion within the warranty period, the then manufacturers Will directly give us compensation, the insured would not open. Out of the insurance period, we do not have the rectification through the line, then the probability of the occurrence of spontaneous combustion Is very small. Finally, of course still say, if we really unfortunate spontaneous combustion, then you want to get paid also need fire to prove the so-called proof Is clearly not to be caused by human activity, Is the Car of their own spontaneous combustion, very troublesome.

2: pilfer

in fact, less and less in the case of Car theft and robbery social Car of the moment, as every Car was hit mark, as it Is easy to find, so basically there Is no robbery the Car Will be. So pilfer in the moment of view, the role Is very small indeed. And pilfer in itself only for our Car itself, that Is to say our Car valuables if lost, stolen emergency Will not give us compensation.

ThusThere Is no need to buy such insurance, but also simply do not need to buy!

3: glass breakage alone danger

Is also a relatively tasteless insurance, but compared to the first two terms need it when the insurance may still exIst. The so-called individual rIsk of breakage Is when we drove in, there was a single broken glass, just a piece of glass in addition to the problem, thIs time to be able to get the corresponding payment.

and the insurance coverage Is not all glass, front windshield and window glass knowledge, that Is, that our glass was put out of the tail, it Is not paid in. So thIs coverage Is still relatively tasteless.

more than 3 Auto insurance Car which can be said to use the minimum insurance coverage, renewal, when we still do not buy, because basically irrelevant .