“The most useful” five auto insurance, especially the first one kind of life insurance Is very similar!

“most useful” five Auto insurance, especially the first one kind of life insurance Is very similar!

Now everyone’s safety awareness growing, so many people when buying a Car on the way to a buy Auto insurance, but recently there are some friends talked about Auto insurance in the end should or should not buy? After all, we all know there are some Car insurance Is of no use, if you buy on the case, they themselves would spend a lot of money wasted. Xiao Bian gave you explain that, recognized as the most useful of five Auto insurance, you look at them you have not purchased the insurance it?

First, the rIsk passengers. ThIs Is also known as the insurance rIsk passengers, in the present case Is not very popular, because some people feel that thIs insurance Is very unnecessary, would not consider buying thIs insurance. But Xiao Bian today to tell you that thIs insurance Is very useful. Everyone traveling or while riding the vehicle, cause an accident if their dIsability, they can ask for compensation and the corresponding insurance companies of. He said bluntly, such insurance Is to protect the personal safety of expenses and some medical expenses of passengers, and life insurance Is somewhat similar.

Second, not deductible. ThIs insurance Is very important, I believe we all know, it Is regarded as an additional rIsk insurance and caustic danger of the three. If you do not buy such insurance, once some accident or the vehicle has been compromIsed, owners and public security are to bear the corresponding responsibility, but also in the claims, the Car Is mainly responsible for a 20% fee. But if you purchase such insurance, when about 20% of thIs liability insurance on all owned by the public, which themselves do not bear the cost of things, I believe we are very happy.

Third, the loss of motor vehicle liability insurance, such insurance Is, we often say that the mouth of caustic danger, such insurance Is the insurance company to own , just for example, if you drive a Car, crashed into a tree or fence, the Car has been some damage, then when maintenance costs are borne by all insurance companies. “The most useful” five Auto insurance, especially the first one kind of life insurance Is very similar! But we must be aware that, in some cases compensation Is not, for example after drinking the Car has been damaged, or there are some illegal CarIllegal activities, such as vehicle damage addition Is during maintenance.

Fourth, the third party liability insurance. ThIs insurance Is very useful, especially when the accident bear the main responsibility for themselves. Generally thIs happens we are to pay huge compensation, and thIs Auto insurance and pay high insurance function Is appropriate, and the two overlap. Therefore, the amount of compensation Is very large, the lowest Is 300,000, the highest in the words of 100 to 10 million. Moreover, because the maximum amount the insurance company paid each region Is different, so there are some gaps, most sold insurance or 500,000 and one million, these two small series, but here it Is recommended that you purchase 1,000,000 because they’re just the premium between 500 yuan. Unfortunately, if you hit a luxury Car it Is clear that 500,000 Is simply not enough to lose, so buy a 1 million insurance policy Is necessary.

Fifth, strong insurance. ThIs insurance Is a must buy, because it Is the first developed by the national insurance, which are charged national unity. Although national unity, but different cost models post also very different, the main factor Is the number of seats of the Car. If you have some of their own personal property on casualties, in the corresponding amount of compensation that Will be compensation. Although it looks complicated, but we do not have to worry about. Second, if you do not buy such insurance, then there Is no way the Car Is driving on the road. Insurance Is more than the five recognized insurance, small advice you on the best buy, because driving a lot of things are unpredictable, thIs Is also a safeguard themselves and their families, I wonder if you and what for thIs matter a different view of it?