The most loss of four car insurance, bought the owner said sorry!

Cars have become increasingly popular, the number of people buying a new Car Is more and more each year, only 2017 in our new Car sales as high as 28.8 million, accounting for a third of world sales of the same year. For friends to buy a Car, Car insurance Is a necessary thing, as a commercial insurance, purchase Car insurance to protect the interests of owners can maximize reduce the daily loss of the Car. Currently on the market are selling Car insurance, optional up to a dozen, there are many owners in the purchase of these insurance are gulping, roughly watch it. In fact, the type of insurance in our everyday choices, there Is something you can not choose, their actual use Is very small. Today I gave you talk about, most suffer four Car insurance.

wading rIsk

every year after the rainy season, there Will be a large number of flooded Cars, Car owners after the completion of compensation payments collar insurance company, Will choose these cheap Cars. For fear of Car wading and address low riders, wading insurance has become an essential insurance, but the fact Is you can not buy wading insurance. Because it contains caustic danger in terms of the Car in case struck by lightning, hail, heavy rain, floods, tsunamIs, the insurance company Is to Carry out compensation. And now most people have Cars parked in the underground garage, underground garage if it Is because the water, resulting in damage to the Car, can find property for compensation. Wading insurance constraints are particularly large, in many cases, insurance companies Will not be claims.

glass insurance

modern Car accessories are more expensive, the price of an Auto glass replacement Is necessary hundreds of thousands, a great increased Car costs. Glass insurance sounds very good, people think of buying in Auto glass replacementWhen claims can be made, but the full name of the glass insurance “glass breakage alone rIsks”, the insurance only when caustic danger that no compensation in order to compensate, and Car damage in most cases, Will be the glass compensation. GLASS insurance compensation, in a separate window pane Is damaged, when other parts of the vehicle body without damage, compensation, and the probability of thIs happening, pitiful.

spontaneous combustion rIsk

the annual summer Will be some spontaneous combustion Car accident, these Cars because the high temperature, coupled with the circuit failure, etc., caused by Car the spontaneous combustion. Many owners fear that their Car in the summer, such as spontaneous combustion accidents happen, so he bought a Car spontaneous combustion rIsk, in fact, thIs insurance Is not necessary to buy. If you look closely, you Will find these spontaneous combustion Cars, mostly older models, they are already inside the line serious aging, met in the case of high temperatures, it Is very spontaneous combustion accident may occur. If your Car, do not buy just a few years, then there Is no need to purchase spontaneous combustion rIsk. And the premIse of claims spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not allowed to modify the line, like our daily replacement of the control panel, with a reverse image, etc., have already belongs to change the line up.


Car as a high-value goods, naturally became the subject of many criminals stealing, the number of annual domestic stolen Car Is a lot . Many fear the stolen Car owners Will purchase a pilfer, in fact, did not buy the insurance necessary because pilfer only in the case of Automobile theft, claims Will be, like throw a few tires, Car the items are to take these cases are not compensation. And in the case in the case of Automobile theft, lowest to wait more than half, and the Car has not been retrieved, Will be compensated. If you really afraid of their Cars stolen, parked in the secure parking lot at night, no no problem.

Care of their Cars Is a good thing, but we do not blindly buy Car insurance, there are many Car insurance seems a good deal, but if you Carefully read the terms, you Will find that your use of the pitiful situation. We buy Car insurance, it must be combined with their real situation, to purchase the appropriate insurance.

on most Car insurance schemes need to buy, I talked about before has an article, you can read it.