The kind of car insurance inside what? What are the rights and interests have it?

Car insurance Car owners go to our attention, whether you are new or a few years to open the Car, insurance Is sure to pay, otherwIse you once checked, then faced criminal penalties oh for it Is the driver of my friends, also know to buy Car insurance after a year of the Car, but it Is not quite understand the meaning of different types of insurance on behalf of Car insurance inside, let it come to you Tell me grapefruit.

compulsory purchase insurance

to pay high insurance full name of the motor vehicle accident compulsory liability insurance, to pay high insurance Is that all vehicles must be post, here take the family Car, for example, then five Cars to pay high insurance price at 950 yuan, if not dangerous condition thIs year, then follow-up by 10%, and that 6-8 seat price Is 1100, also the year did not escape from danger, then the second year decrease of 10 percent a year. That transfer, off Paul’s words Is to bring the price back to the original. After five consecutive years that did not get out of danger, the price Is no longer a reduced. Traffic Insurance to protect the content Is more, divided responsibility or no responsibility, and that responsibility, then the standard of compensation Is dead highest dIsability 110,000 yuan, Medical maximum compensation of 10,000 yuan, property damage up to $ 2000, and that if it Is not responsible, then, Is It has a standard ten percent of property damage Is the responsibility of five percent. Here’s the responsibility no responsibility Is well understood, and that Is when you and the third party accidents, and if you responsibility, that Is responsibility, if the responsibility Is not in you, that Is no responsibility.

commercial lines

third party liability insurance, the insurance Is used much Is your Car run into people, when you gave the driver of the vehicle yet Is the most troublesome, thIs time we need a lot of money, then thIs insurance can be a good help to you, the amount of insurance Is the rIsk of their choice, usually more choices 500,000 or 1 million , thIs time driving if you encounter a third party person, then if thIs person severe cases, it Is not enough to pay high insurance under the payment amount circumstances, to useIt’s. If you did not buy the insurance, then the money must own enough of. ThIs rIsk Is also a lot of people to buy.

seat insurance, thIs Is actually very good understanding, Is sitting a few seats of the Car, you buy a few, if it Is because of traffic accidents, resulting in personal injury if the Car for compensation insurance board staff, and that Is to see your purchase price determination of compensation criteria.

caustic danger, that Is, if your vehicle because of an accident or natural cause damage to the vehicle, and that Is the cost of repairing the vehicle for compensation from the insurance, if you did not buy thIs, then, If you crash your responsibilities, then the repair would cost you a pocket, and that there are some drivers do not buy thIs, and because of their driving skills very confident. But if you want non-deductible, then it must be to insure the insurance. ThIs insurance Is generally the price valuation criteria, 1.2% of the vehicle price assessment.

non-deductible insurance, the insurance can be understood, Is that when you accident, then, when you need to use insurance other than commercial insurance, that if you buy do not count free lose the case, the insurance company Is the responsibility of whatever you undertake in the accident, the need to compensate part of the 100% compensation, but if you did not buy the insurance, then in the accident according to the size of your responsibilities compensate 95% down, respectively, decreasing by 5%, to the responsibility of all of your 80%. If there Is the rIsk that a friend, usually after an accident can quickly process Will be expedited processing because they are compensation for full compensation insurance company Will not own the pocket of another. The standard price Is usually the rIsk Is Car damage + 20% of the total insurance liability third.

thIs above these types of insurance Is generally a lot of people Will choose, it Is recommended everyone in the economic circumstances permitUnder both also have to buy it, especially newcomers. That following these types of insurance Is a matter of personal choice, and according to their actual situation to decide.

scratches insurance, the vehicle Is classified, and that can take time to repair the rIsk. Of course, now many Auto insurance companies when buying insurance Is to be sent to deal with a few scratches the surface.

vehicle spontaneous combustion rIsk, because the line of the vehicle or the cause of human uncontrollable leading to spontaneous combustion vehicles, then compensable. Of course, now the Cars are quite strict quality control, rarely, the same vehicle warranty Is guaranteed.

glass insurance, we are in the process of moving if the vehicle Is hit glass stones on the road leading to damage to the windshield, then thIs insurance can be no compensation for the pocket, but in reality thIs situation Is not very common, after all, vehicle quality Is still possible.

Pirates of Auto insurance, which literally means Is that when you wake up and find the Car did not, or did not you stop roadside Car was stolen or robbed in the morning, resulting in damage to the vehicle or the vehicle does not find arrived, according to 80% of the value of the vehicle of payment, here it Is that the loan to buy a Car, then thIs insurance Is mandatory to buy oh.

That Is probably what we see Is that these insurance, you read it? Auto insurance Is our vehicle to add to the daily consumption, the price Is not low, according to their own when needs to make a purchase, then the choice of the insurance company, but also to see how deals.