The importance of Benpian Will resolve cars passive safety protection structure, as well as plastic bumper

sequence: For older drivers, the problem seems funny, but for the white Car in terms of actually surprIsing; seemingly mighty big Cars such as SUV and pickup, these Cars actually made of plastic Insurance bar, thIs bar also “Insurance” it?

Section I: For security protection, maintenance costs and aesthetic analysIs

and the so-called Car bumper not refer to the outermost cover, in general the field of Automotive bumper plastic tube which Is called “bar skin”, thIs definition may already be appreciated that there Will be more low strength; and not only the strength of the plastic bumper, even the exterior body sheet metal covering Is also very weak. The basic thickness of ordinary Automotive steel sheets are about 1mm, some of the thick steel plate, but also about 1.5mm, if there Is no concept for mm-mm, then removed the phone feel some of its shell thickness, the two are comparable.

low strength Automotive steel

The actual strength Automotive steel sheet Is low, many of the door and the door can easily by Karma engine flat, how high Is its ability to protect and perhaps too many people are mIsunderstanding. Such as the common Car in film and televIsion works Dang Zidan, but these are not possible; in particular, no longer have the opportunity to test firearms, but tested with a large number of pounds competitive Recurve (sports equipment), these steel sheets in under normal smooth action arrows and Carbon arrow can easily penetrate, imagine these “tin” can play a protective role it much higher than the plastic bumper of the vehicle in a high-speed collIsion?

photocycloaddition lead

Automotive collIsion protection really play a role in the frame structure, i.e. a so-called monocoque or monocoque, which have high strength or ultra high strength steel framework of the vehicle body Is equal to build bone Automobile, a collIsion protect natural bones; exterior Automotive bumper cover with a steel sheet Is equal to the concept of “skin”, but the role of play a beautiful only. Therefore, the strength requirements for Automobile outer layer Is not high, some mini-Cars and off-road vehicles use hardcore FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) material, its strength Is very low substantially touched on the broken, but broken in the direct replacement of total into the micro Car Will not appearColor, off-road vehicles to facilitate the battlefield maintenance.

frame structure and the cover member

Key: front bumper real “bar” refers to the internal skin of the bumper impact beam , passenger Cars are mostly double roll arcuate bumper beam structure, the joint portion of the vehicle would roll a single layer even some “metal level” impact beam, these Cars are not worthy of dIscussion. After the collIsion Liang Hengliang metal crash box sides, Is to cushion the impact force during the collIsion in order to reduce the impact on the frame. The impact force Is too large Will collapse the crash box, and the longitudinal beam receiving the impact force transmitted to the frame buffer, which Is a complete process of transmitting the impact force.

ThIs design actually very scientific, popular than ever large-size metal bumper protection Is more comprehensive, while also reducing maintenance costs; such as technical safety bars small part of the need to replace the damaged assembly, a fee of several thousand dollars; and ordinary bars skin damage as long as several hundred dollars to replace, repair or painting by the way, thIs Is the first advantage of the plastic bumper.

Section: weight saving

about the relationship between vehicle weight (curb weight) and fuel consumption (-100kg / 100km / -0.5L), in short can reduce fuel consumption by 0.5 liters over 100 km per Car Is lighter one hundred kilograms. ThIs proportion appears not great, but ten thousand kilometers a year Will be able to reduce the consumption of 50 liters, not to dIscuss the world, said only 2.4 million units of domestic Cars; think about thIs 240 million vehicles if able by bumper reduced by 100 kg of weight in one year Is not out to save hundreds of millions of liters of fuel it?

The answer Is obviously no dIspute, Is about to face the inevitable depletion of oil and energy, lightweight vehicles have become all research and development to upgrade the direction of Car prices, so plastic bumper Is a must use. The next step Is likely to occur in glass fiber reinforced plastic to create a colorful body, but can not use the internal structure of thIs material, similar reference material impact beams Korean Cars use the passive protection level Is always very poor outrageous, Benpian end.

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