The first year of the new car Insurance how to buy the best deal? Should pay attention to when buying a car, so save a lot of buy

With the rapid development of the Automotive industry and the improvement of people’s consumption level, and now Is more and more people buy Cars, Cars into every household has become a necessity for many people.

We all know that the three elements of a Car, a naked prices, the second purchase tax, three insurance. The license fee Is negligible, the cost of service fees, messy 4s shop Is the usual routine, we ignore. Because the purchase tax income according to national standards, Is scheduled to die, so we mainly talk about the insurance today. Insurance how to buy the most cost-effective and the insurance industry secrets, to give you today, he said said.

First of all we talk about a new Car that Is insured first insurance. There are two cases into full payment and mortgage. Then simply purchase the full amount of insurance coverage according to their own requirements on it, the mortgage Will require general 4s shop to buy full insurance. In fact, there are many of them all rIsks insurance Is repeated all without buying.

The first Car in the first year the full amount of insurance.

to pay high insurance and travel tax (national compulsory insurance, you must buy). to pay high insurance, also known as compulsory insurance, in fact, the reality of post stronger insurance play Is the most widely used, whether it Is a vehicle clash or casualties, to pay high insurance first came out pay, minimum paid a thousand dollars, if an officer Is injured, the maximum payment payout 10001, if causing dIsability or death, the maximum payment 110 000. Therefore, the general accident insurance to pay strong start in the payment, to pay high insurance dangerous condition of the second year of insurance Is not up. If not pay high insurance compensation, large accident, thIs time Will use commercial insurance. caustic danger, it Is recommended to buy a new Car must . ThIs insurance Is to ensure that the vehicle, as long as their responsibility to cause the vehicle to rub, damage or even scrapped, just buy the insurance, the insurance company according to the price after the full amount of vehicle depreciation. Car damage insurance premiums are determined depending on the model, 100,000 Cars and 500,000 trucks damage scrapped gap Is very large. third party liability insurance, have to buy . ThIs Is to protect others, you accidentResponsibility or full responsibility lead to other injuries or property damage, the insurance company paid. It Is recommended that third-party liability insurance with minimum coverage of 1 million limit. Whether you are a million or 50,000 Mercedes Santana, third-party liability insurance premiums are set to die, if you buy one million, premiums are the same. Car insurance personnel, into a passenger plus driver × 1 × 4, can buy . ThIs Is to protect Car drivers and passengers, Is due to your responsibility led to their occupants injured, for example, crashed into a tree or a Car rear-end someone else, you are fully responsible led to hIs injured occupants of the Car the staff of the insurance Is paid. In fact, thIs insurance and pay high insurance Is somewhat repetitive injury Is to pay high insurance paid the maximum amount of 10,001. If the proposal Is still not enough to buy, after all, hundreds of dollars on premiums. non-deductible insurance (all types of insurance) have to buy thIs . All the above mentioned matters of insurance protection, insurance company if you want the full amount, you have to buy non-deductible insurance, if they do not, the insurance company may only pay 70% or 80%, if a serious accident three insurance needs lose one million, do not buy non-deductible quoted you 70%, but also doing your own pocket 300,000, thIs Is not a joke, or bought at ease. more than the insurance can be called a new Car first five insurance rIsk. Plus insurance board staff, all the best buy. Moreover Car dealer may recommend other insurance to you, then you have to buy the appropriate.

The second installment purchase a Car the first year of insurance.

General Car dealers Will require all rIsks, I am here for a bit, which include all rIsks insurance. In addition to the above-mentioned five major Car insurance, also including glass insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, scratches insurance, third party liability insurance Is not found, wading insurance, accident insurance, pilfer. If you count all those insured, the insurance that your first year of much higher ah.

glass insurance , the basic need to buy. It does not move the vehicle Is stopped, broken glass, insurance companies do not pay, buy glass insurance was lost. But if the glass Is broken accident caused byThe above mentioned Car damage insurance payment. scratches insurance , thIs proposal many years later to buy, buy more than scratches scratches the cumulative rIsk of a Newspaper out. wading rIsk , a lot of people do not understand thIs rIsk wading often been fooled to buy thIs insurance. In fact it Is absolutely no need to buy. Car parked in the garage was flooded resulting in engine damage scrapped, the caustic danger Is paid. But you continue to flooded after ignition to start with cause secondary damage Car, thIs case not to buy wading insurance insurance company Is not compensable. No Third Party Liability Insurance find, buy, where appropriate, insurance Is not expensive. Vehicle damage Is damage that people can not find the vehicle, do not buy thIs insurance, the insurance company Is not compensable. accident , and board staff to pay high insurance and repeat repetition insurance, the insured amount if that Is not enough in front, looking to buy it. In addition to the fact mortgage Car five rIsk mentioned above, a mandatory to buy as long as the pilfer . According to pilfer premium models, are generally hundreds of thousands of Car pilfer it five or six hundred dollars, which Is staging the insurance more expensive than the full amount only five or six hundred.

the first year of the new Car insured Car dealers generally said they do not dIscount, they do not. According to the policy situation of each insurance company and each month, the first insurance sometimes 10% off, count down 7000 yuan of insurance can save 700. When we buy insurance, you can ask the staff of insurance companies, what dIscount, requires 10% off.

There Is insurance rates, and thIs but to say, because thIs Is the source of profit per Car dealers, can be said to be the only source of profit, because now selling Cars, most of the prices are cheap to sell, it Is not to make money Is to sell the original price. Of course, in addition to some stores charge a service fee, library fee, fees, gps fees. If the purchase Is a mortgage fee shall not exceed 3% of the loan amount.

concern me, tell renewal tomorrow how to buy the best deal.