The first year of a new car to buy all rIsks, which bought the second year of insurance more practical!

friends now buy a new Car in the first year to buy insurance Is expensive, many owners called all rIsks, when buying a new Car sales consultant, give you more insurance recommendation, first when buying a new Car in the hearts of all rIsks sense to buy a vehicle in motion the process more comfortable some, thIs heart idea, just give yourself a comfort, 4S shop sales consultants also seize the hearts of people buy a new Car, buy a new Car the first year of full insurance open up more at ease, have the vehicle at any point you do not scuff marks steward, call the insurance company to pay maintenance to you, plus you buy a new Car again, on their own Car would rather spend thousands of pieces buy insurance, my heart feels Is worth it.

to pay high insurance purposes and compensation

to buy a new Car the insurance that they can choose to be insured item, regardless of new and used vehicles traffic compulsory insurance + travel tax must buy, compulsory traffic insurance Is a national compulsory purchase, to pay high insurance maximum compensation 120 000 premiums, to pay high insurance also with the greatest use, when the vehicle appeared another traffic accident, did not buy a third party any insurance, can pay high insurance compensation for 2000 yuan vehicle maintenance, vehicle injured more serious maintenance costs exceed $ 2,000, beyond the individual to bear the maintenance costs. ThIs Is to pay high insurance purposes, many owners pay high insurance must know to buy, do not know to pay compulsory insurance in addition to compensation for the death of 120,000 vehicles from scratch can also pay your own rIsk compensation.

divided up into many commercial insurance insurance, third party liability insurance

Many owners know Car insurance, third party liability insurance Is more important, third party liability insurance amounts in several grades, 10,20,30,50,100,200 million and general third party liability vehicle owners Will choose to buy 1 million the sum insured, more extensive use third party liability insurance, third party liability insurance comparIson insurance the most practical vehicle regardless of any accidents during travel, third party liability insurance can compensate, in normal driving the vehicle suddenly electric Car ride the attrition medical expenses after the electric Car were injured, all third party liability insurance to compensate, so the rIsk of any third party to buy a vehicle safe and useful, regardless of any accident to the insurance company to bear all the losses.

third party liability insurance Is one of the commercial insurance, insurance claims each range Is not the same, only third party insurance compensation for all the damage to the other party, then serious damage to your own vehicle, third party liability insurance does not compensable accident if the vehicle appears both sides have a responsibility to pay damages to each other, you do not buy their own vehicles loss of vehicle insurance, the other owners to buy vehicles damage insurance, it Is best to dIscuss with each other so that all of the other owners to take responsibility only for their own good more interest, if the divIsion of responsibilities by the traffic police are times you responsibility, but also bear 20% of their own responsibility, loss of vehicle maintenance costs two million, they want a 4000 yuan impairment charges, the second renewal of insurance premiums when prices rIse, buy Insurance dIscounts and concessions Will not only be Careful driving a vehicle safety first Is the truth for their own lives and safety of others must pay attention to driving, no matter how many vehicles to buy the insurance to hurt others, but also hurt their own conscience, involved all family and friends.

loss of vehicle insurance effect

Is in the range of loss of vehicle insurance commercial insurance, also insured a vehicle damaged items, the insured vehicle just to buy insurance, Why do you say? Himself in no small Car received a telephone pole, vehicle headlights and bumper collIsion bad, who Is going to bear thIs loss, their own money to repair vehicle damage, loss of vehicle insurance Is a Waste of money to buy it? Loss of vehicle insurance accident occurs, whether it Is your responsibility or no responsibility, have to compensate loss of vehicle insurance, vehicle damage insurance Is also very important, and third party liability insurance contrast, loss of vehicle insurance Is not what it seems important, only their own safe driving obey traffic laws, all insurance did not use, but also to buy insurance just in case of emergencies, buy insurance more than security.

vehicle attendant seat insurance

private Car seats of five, large SUV seat divided 5-7 people, loss of vehicle insurance compared to the above two officers insurance, it Is important to show more than what the vehicle was found in the process of moving traffic accident, the Car insurance company Will compensate personal injury, insurance seat Is divided into: 1 -10 million to buy a new Car the first year of the corresponding full point, some Car owners to buy the insurance, the second year of renewal when many owners more practical to buy insurance, to pay high insurance Needless to say, the firstThree liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance + not deductible.

Conclusion: buy a new Car bought in the first year of insurance more comprehensive, almost no access to a lot of rIsk insurance, the second time according to their own renewal case, you can select several rIsk insurance, third party liability insurance Is especially important, although there Is the rIsk of Car insurance can help you reduce the loss, but when buying insurance, but also know the scope of compensation insurance. The second recommendation to buy insurance to pay high insurance in addition, third party liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance the most cost-effective, but also other Waste of money to buy the insurance, we have a better opinion explore together, thank you!