The car was smashed into a sieve hail, insurance companies Will pay it? Internal staff revealed the truth

regardless of who the owner Is, when buying a Car Is to cover a series of bought Car insurance, after all, these things are natural dIsasters that are not allowed in. So, if the Car was hail smashed into a sieve, the insurance company Will pay it? Internal staff revealed the truth.

internal staff said: insurance companies caused the dIsaster vehicle damage claims in thIs area Is still relatively vague, the occurrence of large-scale natural dIsasters in some areas, such as flash floods, mudslides time a large number of Cars Will be destroyed, if the insurance company actually claims one by one, it Is estimated Will take into account the entire company are not enough compensation. So the insurance company Will contract thIs provIsion Will be lIsted, but due to the extreme case, therefore, insurance companies and vehicle owners are in fact not paid much attention.

as hail hit the Car, even if such a dIsaster Is a low probability event, while the falling hail huge ice hockey, or even directly damage the vehicle such things very low probability of occurrence Is even more, but not on behalf of low probability does not occur. There Is such a Car owners because after a while palm-sized hail hit, the Car Is not only the countless potholes, and Auto glass has long been riddled with problems. Fortunately, time Is hail in the night, so I did not make the owners suffer any harm.

The employee said, in which case the insurance company can be compensated, provided that the owners have already purchased Car damage. Note that the owners should be filing time in twenty-four hours of the occurrence of natural dIsasters, and as soon as possible to the relevant meteorological prove to the insurance company.

Thus, not to say that all Car suffered natural dIsasters, the insurance companies are not given to claims in the face of such incidents hail, or should the owner as soon as possible Looking for insurance companies.