The best do not install thIs device on board, or else did not have to pay to buy the insurance, auto insurance Members: innocence useless

Is probably the domestic market Is the world’s largest consumer market, a Car, and each Car brands are in competition with each other, but also very intense phase, in such cases, prices have many models for thIs kind become market, the price of the Car Is still a lot lower, but in thIs case, Auto insurance Is a very large piece of cake and markets, such as pay compulsory insurance Is must buy a compulsory insurance.

If an uncontrollable accident occurs, Car insurance can bring relatively large compensation to ease the pressure a lot of owners, but not to say there Will be a Car accident compensation. The best do not install thIs device on board, or else did not have to pay to buy the insurance, Auto insurance Members: innocence useless.

Cars in many cities now are great, traffic jam Is a normal thing, under such circumstances, keeping the Car between the safe dIstance Will be relatively small, some owners want to keep relatively impatient little dIstance to go, but under such circumstances it Is easy to have a rub and rear-end of the phenomenon, and some owners in order to avoid such a situation, there Will be back a trailer hook to hang in there, but also to allow the back of the vehicle do not get too close.

actually add thIs device Is not necessary, there Is no rear-end people want to happen, we Will note that in certain circumstances, even if installed to encounter words or encounter, rear-end Is particularly common thing, the city which drove more slowly, when the traffic jam Is up to scratch the encounter, nothing too severe, and some owners after installed thIs hook, but Will bring the Car back a greater loss.

are unable to control the speed of the Car behind, so with the front of the Car hit them, but the responsibility Is the responsibility of accelerating the Car in general, then , because if the Car in front because of unusually slow down, then led to the back of the rear-end of the Car Is decelerating owners to bear, these problems are still very common. After

and added some owners because of these hooks, the accident took place, it should have been afterLiability side of the Car, because thIs thing happened after the Car collIsion resulting in a large area, so it needs to take responsibility.

and thIs penalty Is indeed a lot of people a little puzzled, but fortunately bought insurance company to pay the insurance on the line, but the damage to the staff because thIs Is the hook plus the owners themselves, it Is certainly not lost, and the driver can only put up their own money, so do not play better, get free time to himself uncomfortable.