The annual car insurance how they should choose? Sales turnover remarks finally understand

REVIEW: Car insurance should be how the election year was not “pit”? Insiders remarks all understand

my own Car insurance Will expire in September, so the insurance company recently received a lot of calls, I can think of almost Insurance companies have called me, after we got off the phone also receive an insurance quote information, in fact, now when insurance companies offer I think actually quite good, and did not allow customers to buy some other insurance project, I would let you look at me the insurance quote above thIs, we can see from the above, in fact, the insurance company just reported to me four insurance projects, namely, third party liability insurance to pay high insurance, Car the staff are not deductible insurance and these insurance programs, so every year we renew Auto insurance when you buy these insurance programs on the same subject.

first: Traffic Insurance

Traffic Insurance every year must buy, the first 1 years time if it Is five models Is $ 950 if it Is seven models 1110 yuan, we should be able to see that I am above the insurance company gave me to pay high insurance quotes at 665 yuan, in fact, because I’m the last few years which have not had insurance, so pay high insurance Is dIscounted, Why pay high insurance must buy it? Because every year our Car at inspection time are required to show we pay high insurance policy, but also in front of the vehicle should be affixed above the windshield of the year to pay high insurance sign, if the road Is found the traffic police, you do not have to buy insurance to pay strong addition to addition to fines, there Will be other penalties.

The second: third party liability insurance

also need to buy third party liability insurance, the general for third party liability insurance are purchased from 500,000 to start, but I suggest that you start from one million, I’m the last two years to buy third party liability insurance Is 1.5 million, third party liability insurance in fact, not a payment of their own, are paid for someone else’s Car rubs example, if it Is your responsibility to repair someone else’s expense Will need to out yourself, if the cost Is very high, thIs time third party liability rIsk WillCan help you out of thIs fee, maybe a lot of readers that do not need to buy third party liability insurance particularly thIs Is necessary according to your local situation, and if you are an older driver, drove very steady, third party liability insurance, buy 500,000 or 1 million can be.

Third: caustic danger

Car damage insurance Is paid for hIs own, that we It should be clear, for example, there has been virtually scratch hIs Car, when reversing, accidentally fall into the curb above, or when reversing blew some trees or railroad Car had some damage, thIs time to repair insurance costs can go from Car damage above the cost of caustic danger Is not high, we can see from the chart, the insured amount if the Car damage in more than 50,000 yuan, it Will cost 600 dollars , a little, in fact, I give you here, Is my Car now if it Is to sell a used Car value of more than 50,000 dollars, but some of the more expensive the Car, which Is Why luxury Cars, even if the vehicle per year I not had insurance, but also more expensive the insurance reasons.

Fourth: board staff insurance and non-deductible

board staff insurance we should all know I do not say thIs, the sum insured can follow how much you want to how much insurance protection, non-deductible, and we need to talk about thIs, and now the insurance company at the time of payment, and no payment to 100%, that Is, some are paid to say that 80% Is paid to some 70%, the remaining 30% get 20% lies by the owners themselves, so thIs time we can show the importance of the non-deductible, non-deductible in then comes the question it cost? Through the above we can see thIs picture, in fact, non-deductible costs probably also at 200 yuan, I said above, if my Car Is now selling used Cars also the value of more than 50,000 dollars.

Summary: In addition to these four basic insurance projects, the rest you can buy some insurance according to your local situation, unable to find the first instance Party liability, because now some residential property management may not particularly good at night when the event was designated to the Car, unable to find a third partyLiability insurance can help you in thIs regard to the payment of maintenance costs, and if we have different views, I remember in the comments area, we work together to explore.