That something car insurance, you know how much, how to buy only cost-effective

Hello everybody, here Is the Car hi brother said. Nice to meet you. And today we chat, the thing about vehicle insurance.

Speaking of insurance it, may we all say thIs every year to buy, which Is what. But to buy insurance may be different, there are something like a few tricks. LIsten PromIses:

1, strong insurance, its full It Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance. By the insurance institutions to the insured motor vehicle in a traffic accident, causing the victim (the other side) of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the limits of compulsory insurance. It Is Carried out by national law compulsory insurance. Different models of Cars to pay high insurance, the price Is different, its price Is mainly affected by the number of the Car seat.

2, the other one Is motor third party liability insurance. It refers to the part of the insured person or allow the driver in an accident during the use of the insured vehicle, for a direct loss of third party bodily injury and property, which shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company liable. In fact, plainly that the insurance Is mainly to accompany each other.

3, Car damage. Refers to the insured person or vehicle in the event of an accident resulting in damage to the vehicle, the insurance company shall be paid in a range of commercial insurance in the insured amount.

4, and some people may seat plus some rIsk. Its full name Is the vehicle officers liability insurance. Refers to the permitted qualified insured driver insurance accident occurs in the course of using the insured vehicle, causing passengers were injured,Liability should be borne by the insured, the insurance company paid the insurance contract. The main function Is to compensate the casualties of the occupants of the vehicle due to a traffic accident caused by the insured.

5, pilfer. The full name of the vehicle pilfer. Insurance for the whole Car was stolen, causing loss of vehicle snatch, as well as ancillary equipment Is damaged or lost parts during the snatch theft, need to fix a reasonable fee. Normally it, pilfer the amount paid for the accident should be paid 80% of the total loss. The most important thing thIs side, if you want insurance payments must be confirmed by filing or above the county public security organs, not after three months whereabouts, or vehicle was robbery, damage during robbed, or lost parts ancillary equipment, costs need to be repaired.

These are some of the main contents of the vehicle insurance, specifically how to buy, friends who each according to their needs, to buy their own Is the best. Because of the time, subsidiary insurance today do not speak it. Although buy enough insurance, but also to remind friends, away from home or the security of the most important, some things money can not solve.

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