That something between auto insurance and 4S shop to see how much you spent money wasted!

Now many owners Will give you the repair shop or 4S shop to take Care claims matters, the purpose Is to worry, but in fact there are many pit so that when the 4S shop insurance claims agent, the following small series to He said that in the final analysIs what pit.

First, the case Will be damaged false. After reported to the 4S shop owners to escape from danger, may in fact itself Is a small rub, but the 4S shop to pay higher insurance amount, it Will re-create the accident scene to assess the damage and then inform the experts come to assess the damage.

Second, to repair can not change, a change can not repair. After dangerous condition report, 4S shop often complicit with the insurance company to increase the amount of the damage, generally repaired parts, 4S shop for maintenance Will become more profitable replacement, but in fact and in the repair process thIs phenomenon does not replace, repair just maintenance.

Third, the high price of original parts, the owner had to change. 4S shop maintenance Is generally limited to original parts, otherwIse the vehicle to assess the damage once again escape from danger or are unable to enjoy the 4S shop warranty policy, 4S shop every basic parts are the equivalent of one kind of monopoly pricing by how much they have the final say, especially with insurance claims when certain basic Will increase the proportion of profits.

Finally, Xiao Bian suggest that you, a traffic accident or if you want the first time to contact the insurance company, the insurance company Will naturally be sent to survey and assess the damage, naturally Will give you satIsfaction the claims, so in order to save the majority of owners do not, put the full power to claims matters 4S shop responsible.