Tesla launched the car insurance, Musk claimed that the cost can be reduced up to 30%

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the official Tesla in California, the United States launched its own Car insurance product, and claimed that the price ratio other insurance companies 30% lower. Tesla also plans to gradually promote California as a starting point of the project to other markets.

Over the years, Tesla has been consciously planned Auto insurance products, in particular to provide insurance for their Cars. Two years ago, Automotive News website Electrek on the dIsclosure of Tesla Is developing a safety plan, and began to customers in Australia and Hong Kong to promote the program. Since then, the insurance program gradually expanded to include several other markets, including North America.

last year, Tesla cooperation with Liberty Insurance Company, provided Auto insurance program Is designed for US electric Car. At the same time, also hired former Liberty Insurance executive Alex Tsetsenekos, specializing in the insurance business.

Earlier thIs year, Musk said, Tesla Will in May launch its own Car insurance, provide insurance for their Car. However, in May, when Musk postponed several times released product. Until today, Tesla was officially launched product called “Tesla insurance”.

Musk wrote in a blog, thIs Is a very competitively priced insurance products aimed at reducing by 20% to Tesla owners, and even in some cases up to 30% of insurance costs. Tesla Will provide comprehensive insurance coverage and claims management, to support customers in California. The future of the project Will expand to other US states.

Tesla insurance website to provide customers with a monthly payment and no hidden costs of insurance, California’s Tesla owners can purchase one within a minute through the website insurance policies, and you can cancel or change their policies at any time.

Tesla know their Cars, so the insurance Tesla to take advantage of its advanced technology, security and serviceability, providing insurance at a lower cost. As previously announced, Tesla Is using the number of its active safety and advanced driver assIstance functions basedAccording to reduce insurance costs.

differences in the cost of Car insurance depends on the age of the vehicle, location and driving hIstory and other factors, but due to technical and component costs Tesla, their insurance costs are usually higher than other Automakers providers. (Compile: Lin Yang)