Tell you most need to buy a new car on several insurance, do not be fooled 4S shop!

With the popularity of the Car, the Car started to enter most families. However, after landing a new Car, you Will find all the overhead Is only the beginning, like Car lover, are needed to support the long-term. And each year also need to buy a special insurance, jealous for the Car, all rIsks should buy it?

In such cases the person without a minority, most of them have He hesitated. After all Car accidents occur, many of which are unexpected, buy insurance, they are more at ease. Or own a new Car, not all rIsks are a little more tricky it? In fact, buying insurance should value the protection effect, rather than to go spend money.

1, strong insurance

Is not recommended since all rIsks, which have Auto insurance to buy it? First of all, it Is to pay high insurance, thIs Is a mandatory requirement. Once a traffic accident occurred a form of protection of victims, including personal injury and property damage. Although the uniform provIsions, but depending on the specific vehicle seats, pay Is not the same.

2, liability insurance

before the liability insurance Is mandatory in some areas, but now can be used as supplementary insurance to buy. Once the insured and which allows the driver to use the vehicle in the way, causing damage to third parties, injury or property damage, thIs should be insured to bear, now allocated to the insurance company to compensate.

3, caustic danger

Accidents Will happen, once the Car has mIsfortune blessing. Natural dIsasters can cause a number of Cars scrapped, because it Is accident insurance, the premium Is the highest. But note that not all natural dIsasters Will give compensation, must be specified in the insurance companyIt may be within the scope of responsibility, such as an earthquake.

4, excluding deductible Insurance

What Is not deductible the insurance does, in fact, thIs Is a three additional rIsk liability insurance and caustic danger, we must rely on primary insurance to purchase. Is there a need, the next count Will know. For example, after buying thIs insurance, under special provIsions, it can require the original 5% -20% of the liability themselves pass on the insurance company.

, when you buy a new Car, buy what the insurance does?