Teach you drain the last drop of blood Insurance Company

Introduction: I believe there are many owners do not know much for Auto insurance, only an accident and Car insurance Will deal with, but as a layman owners who can not get a clear idea of ​​exactly how Car insurance water deep, how to deal with in order to become the greatest degree of beneficiaries of it? Do not worry, there have been many battle-hardened and experienced owners as we sum up their experience, as long as we read the collection for a rainy day can be, what it Is a common owners Will be able to read and understand Car insurance provIsions, you’re guaranteed a better understanding of Auto insurance and claims, “drained” of insurance companies last drop of blood! Does not she? Buy insurance to save money and peace of mind on the map!

the insurance policy refinement solution (a) VS Car damage insurance third party liability insurance

Let’s first talk about the main Car damage insurance and liability insurance. Car damage insurance and liability insurance, basic vehicle insurance, primarily indemnify the insured losses and the loss of the vehicle by the insured vehicle Is in use, to a third party brings!

You probably think even the loss of the vehicle caused by natural dIsasters, the insurance company Is not wrong according to compensate! These words for half the loss of most of the natural dIsasters are lost, but only as the exception – Earthquake!

Case 1: If your Car in the earthquake have been hit the building, then, ha ha ……

Workaround: Do not the earthquake was over eager to apply for compensation, such as a few days after the earthquake to apply for compensation.

dangerous condition statement: Probably because the earthquake caused loosening of the wall, and finally fell in one day, and smashed your Car, remember: Do not mention the earthquake when the dangerous condition.

Case 2: If your brakes in a Car, what Car flew to the windshield caused by broken glass, you say?

If you honestly say to the insurance company:! “My tIssue box fly hit the glass ……” (Wow internal strength high enough ah, Oh, I just to For example, tIssue boxes joke) “so you mIserable that claims staff Will tell you pointed to hIs mouth:!.” look at my mouth –NO!”

Our approach: a small change in the facts ……

dangerous condition statement: One of my friends practiced iron hand skill when the brakes crashed the windshield, OK Remember:! impact the loss suffered by the Car “article”, the insurance company does not pay but who bashed another matter

[!. case 3: If your Car when the trailer collided with another Car, how do

Our approach:? ignore the fact that there Is something ……

dangerous condition statement: Do not mention you or to be towed in the towing vehicle to others, or whether you have responsibility for the accident, the insurance companies Will not pay

case 4: If you are in an accident, broke the glass of the glass and no insurance on their own, the insurance company claims you’ll do?

not on the glass insurance claims for people looking for work? row , absolute line glass insurance name Is:!. glass breakage alone, means the parking and the use of glass damage caused, and glass damage caused by the accident Car damage insurance should be responsible for payment

If you are not on the glass insurance, when you find yourself up in the morning Automotive glass does not know which bastard broken, how to do it ?? Oh, the old tactics: slam the brakes while driving caused, but also head to blame! (remember to find a friend about the same height as a shield ah), if it Is the side of the glass Is broken, say when sliding head hit a good, huh, huh!

case 5: If your Car at the time of the crash, broke a little light, how can you do it

to find an insurance company, he would never dare not lose to you, then? You thought it was earned yet? No, in fact you probably bear the consequences, and lost money.

do not understand? tell you about all rIsks of each vehicle in 2500- between 5000 and (more high-end Cars Will be more expensive), if you do not have a claim in the year of the insurance period, you Will get 10% of NCD when the insured next year, thIs account that you do the math, if claim amount Is too small, hey, so forget it,Not as good as a 10% dIscount to reality.

policy refinement solution (b) Insurance Diuju – how to minimize revenue losses?

vehicle during parking and use Will inevitably make people worry about things which, Diuju Is the most unfortunate thing, but if you do as I say , your losses Will be reduced to a minimum.

remember ah, once Diuju, what Is the first thing to do? Call the police? wrong! The Car has been lost, which so easily and immediately find ah, you are far too bit overestimating the ability of American police, or think about how to reduce the loss of it!

to reduce losses? Which so easy ah, the Car are lost, how to cut ah? Do not forget, there Is me! ! ! !

First, remember to look at their insurance policy, there Is no vehicle pilfer. What, no? Then you recognize bad luck, and I find useless, and buy a bar!

If you are on the pilfer, first of all, I want to congratulate you, your losses can be minimized, but have to be Careful ah! Then you have to do Is Bijin your mouth, the sense of reading my post, otherwIse you Will regret it!

Case 1: pilfer stipulates that the insured loss of driving license, Car original invoice, vehicle purchase surcharge voucher with every increase of 0.5% absolute deductible. Lost Car keys, an increase of 5% absolute deductible. These provIsions in the insurance policy with the lightest color print, do not believe that you can come up with a closer look at the lIst, certainly in some inconspicuous corner can be found in thIs passage.

So whether you have a spare key had been lost, or Is there a key Is to start running in your Car, please remember to forget it, otherwIse …… 5% of your loss Carry their own set!

Case 2: If your Car Is stolen in the parking lot fee or commercial repair shop, the insurance company liable for it?

The answer Is: do not lose! ! Because these places responsibility on the vehicle custody, during storage, due to improper Care custodian vehicle damage, loss,The depositary should be liable. The insurance company Is not liable for compensation.

Therefore, the correct way Is to find the parking lot claims, so every time I remember a good income parking fee receipt ah, although the printed matter on top of the loss of parking, but according to contract law About the prescribed format of the contract, which Is a unilateral shirk their responsibilities! You may rest assured bold against him good, Oh, give you a good News, someone has to win such a lawsuit, so the principle of pushing the case of abduction, after the trial of the case in accordance with thIs decIsion may be the case, ha ha!

Case 3: If your friend Is a Car park open, or you find out from the parking lot to the side can not afford to pay you out of the Car, if you can consider a change lost Car place it? Haha, I did not say ah! You go on her own.

Case 4: Again, if you are a boss, because the problem on some accounts and friends had a falling out, and your friend Is a villain, he secretly your Car stolen, you would guess he did it, you Will find the insurance company to compensate it?

tells you, the insurance company may not pay compensation. Because of provIsions: the insured person and others in civil, economic dIsputes Erzhi vehicle was robbed, stolen for the exclusion of liability.

So, you can forget your big economic dIsputes, report directly to the police and the courts, remember, do not say that out of your suspect, otherwIse the economic problems pull came to the United States Court of efficiency, you probably get a taxi within half a year to go out!

Case 5: If you just bought a new Car, on the whole rIsk, but did not have time license (now the traffic control regulations: after vehicle inspection 15 working days before collar license plate), after the dangerous condition of the insurance company liable for it?

Is not responsible for compensation. Because in dangerous condition, the insured vehicle must have two conditions, one must have insured the vehicle traffic adminIstration department Issued driving permit or license plate, and second, over a period of inspection by the public security traffic management department of eligibility rules. But in general, by the public security department under the special agreement on the need to test new home insured vehicle number plates Issued may be responsible for Car damage and liability insurance. So Diuju responsible for compensation and pilferNot in force, naturally, you can not get compensation.

It seems if you are not relied on guts to change what the loss of time, buy a new Car even if given away! And what I can not say ah!

Case 6: If your Car recovered, the insurance company how to deal with compensation?

After the robbery the insured vehicle recovery, if not indemnity insurance company, the vehicle should be returned to you, but the whole Car was robbery during which the vehicle Is damaged or Car parts, ancillary equipment required to repair the loss of a reasonable fee, the insurance company liable. If the insurance company has paid, should the vehicle be returned to you, at the same time recover the corresponding compensation. If you do not want to recover the original Car, the rights and interests of all vehicles owned by the insurance company.

the insurance policy refinement solution (C) crash

as long as the crash, the insurance company now lost it? Certainly not as long as you Carefully look at the hands of the policy benefits DIsclaimer know, there Is something a lot of insurance companies do not pay it, trying to minimize the loss, or come to me, ha ha!

Case 1: Suppose you are a novice, just borrow a Car (of course, perhaps a rental Car), on the road Lianju when your brother got hit do you know thIs Car have liability insurance, you Will find the insurance company claims?

Answer: If you go, you’re crazy, the insurance company Will kick you kicked out, and Why? ?

First of all, you have to know what Is liability insurance, full name: third party liability insurance.

What Is the interloper?

refers to a third party other than the victim under the insurer and the insured, the insured vehicle due to an accident causes the insured persons or property under the vehicle suffered damage in Car . Popular third party Is excluded four kinds of people: the insurer, the insured, their family members when the driver of the vehicle accident, the family members of the insured.

understand now, you as a driver at the time, hit your family, insuranceThe company Is not losing, well, you know how to do it! what? You do not know? Mad at me, hit another driver Is not finIshed Well, really, what harm I say out.

Case 2: If you have the opportunity to hit hIs Car, and it Is your responsibility, the court sentenced you to compensate your guarantee to pay compensations each other’s economic loss, mental damages, dIsability damages … … how do you handle it? ? Also how it wants to give money!

wrong! Wrong!

you and other family members should dIscuss increasing economic damages and dIsability damages, try to minimize the spirit of compensation, of course, not the better.

Why? You ask me Why? ThIs Is not five horses for six sheep, Well.

Dude, you are wrong, the insurance company Is not completely unconditional commitment “amount insured shall pay compensation according to law”, but according to “approach to road traffic accidents” and Insurance provIsions of the contract for compensation. And clearly stipulate that any insured accident caused due to the spirit of damages for the exclusion of liability. So regardless of whether the court should be insured compensation for mental damages, the insurance companies are not responsible for compensation.

understand? ? Other insurance companies pay for you, whether it be spiritual loss, therefore, would rather give each other money, they should not promIse the spirit of compensation, in short, generous insurance company’s money Bai, Ha ha!

Case 3: If you are fortunate enough to crash, thIs time Is not your responsibility, but the other side do not want to lose money, you can find the insurance company claims?

The answer: Yes, but you must first third-party claims, Will it be possible to obtain an insurance company. If you give up the right to compensation from third parties, a claim directly to the insurance company, the insurance company does not pay. Because you give up the right of recourse to a third party, but also gave up the right to the insurance company for compensation.

So, remember, remember, we must go first to pay the other side, it Is best to enforce the court has proved unsuccessful, then you can confidently to the insurance company, and the remaining let them clean up the mess despite the go,Who they receive each year your insurance premiums so much of it!

Case 4: Remember to have a bad driver under the command of the police, to help police intercept fleeing criminals, crashed into the criminal, the two vehicles collided, and what a Cana, the insurance company Will pay him?

course not, plainly written in the insurance provIsions, the driver of “intentional act” Is not compensable, we can only fix the Car himself:

so, if you do not have sufficient financial capacity, before the hero to think about Oh! ! !

the insurance policy refinement solution (d) claims – can not not watch, because you’ve probably never heard of

a ★ Insurance Case : a friend lost Car, it has been full insurance, my insurance company claims, failed, insurance company exclusions reasons: to vehicle AdminIstration, thIs Car Is not the annual inspection.

Case Study: Insurance companies and done, very reasonable, there are provIsions in insurance contracts based on: the insurance takes effect only qualified vehicle, for the annual inspection of the vehicle Is not only regarded as unqualified vehicle, even if your maintenance no matter how useless, the result can only be lost white lost, the insurance also on the white on the most back cash value insurance.

Case Conclusion: your Car, be sure to schedule the annual inspection, the extension must not, otherwIse, a fine small things, big things exclusions, thIs time even if the first cause of traffic accidents three losses, but you Will be responsible, white bought the insurance!

Case solution: schedule the annual inspection, even if one day, nor night; if it happens, unfortunately, do not have to remember to report immediately to spend the money as soon as the inspection procedures and then filled for reporting claims procedures!

Sorry, just a dizzy spell, I did not say? Say Is nonsense.

★ Insurance Case II: Similar to above, without making the driver examined the Note, and all the problems that you may incur while driving, the insurance company Is not liable to pay compensation, on the grounds of similar cases without repeated.

★ Insurance Case III: ThIs Is aFrequently asked question: I just bought the Car, not on the license, the insurance Is effective?

explain: the vehicle Is in dangerous condition, the insured vehicle must have two conditions, one must have insured the vehicle traffic adminIstration department Issued driving permit or license plate, and second predetermined period Nei Jing traffic adminIstration department inspection.

However, in general, by special agreement to examine the provIsions of the new vehicle license plate Issued after the insurance should first be responsible for Car damage insurance and liability insurance, so when your Car Is mIssing even luck, who hit Han still make the insurance company gives you wore, it Is now clear now!

★ insurance claim 🙁 principles of evidence because there are N people asked thIs question, so in thIs together answers)

insurance claims divIsion situations:.

1 accident by the traffic team to come forward to solve:

punIshment Issued by the traffic team single or mediation by court decIsions, with a verdict can be. These materials are absolutely so, definitely the green light all the way insurance companies. Rest assured Claims good

2 accidents in the dIstrict:

major incidents: the serious damage a vehicle, or to go to transportation team the certificates, a lot of trouble;

general cut rub: to the community property to prove, as has often been suspected, generally very troublesome;

Therefore, the best Times report on urban roads, or else …… kill you! .

3 minor accidents on the road, cut rub includes parking at the


such a need to prove that: whether relating to the first tripartite? Involving third-party payment, or require proof of traffic team.

as the two sides end their accident, you can specify in the claim: accident third-party self-study, and then press the blame in Car damage claims, the insurance company if the team allows you to traffic the certificates, you got to bite the other promoted, he says no to child away, insurance companies generally Will not be too seriously. You have to promIse to openProof, do not blame I did not warn you that you ran away, uncertain enough money to pay the oil money!

4 most people back:

if hit by another Car, causing Car to escape, unable to find. The situation Is more serious trouble, to be resolved through the traffic team to recover on behalf of the insurance company.

Is not serious, it Is best to self-blame to resolve the claim, but also to note that at the time of the claim if the other Car body paint stick, as well as the direction of collIsion, must justify itself otherwIse you mIserable.