Still lIstening to flicker after the 4S shop to buy a car? Do yourself a license to buy insurance was the most real!

before we 4s shop to buy a Car, even when buying a vehicle Car full amount, 4s shop Will be forced to buy the insurance from the first shop 4s and 4s are agents of the licensing procedures.

First, let me first shop insurance 4s, 4s insurance salesman and clerk Will be a new Car with a high hedge by persuading owners to buy vehicles all rIsks (even some 4s shop directly to the designated insurance), especially for the many owners do not understand Car insurance owners Will lIsten to them, then buy the whole high rIsk. In fact, thIs part of the means of bundling, Is to raIse additional revenue vehicle sales by thIs means, after so many years of consumer opposition, but the main thing Is the Car market increasingly fierce competition, now 4s shop around although they are still required the first customers to purchase insurance from the store but it Is not a mandatory.

4s shop requires vehicle owners to purchase full insurance Is not necessary to do so completely that they earn a lot of commIssion to raIse premiums, but a significant increase in customer insurance cost. Should normally fIshes to recommend different types of insurance to customers based on the actual situation of the customer. The main general insurance purchase about $ 4,000 on it. Also available from 4s shop insurance Is no commIssion rebate if purchased from the market, then the insurance salesman usually about 50 percent rebate from the commIssion in. Therefore suggest that you contact the best Car insurance salesman in advance directly from the outside to buy Auto insurance.

followed the procedures now apply for a license Is not as complicated as we imagined, vehicle management department also try to streamline the licensing procedure before, we can have time for its own account! To Carry personal ID Card, a copy of purchase invoices and vehicle certification to the Inland Revenue Department for the vehicle purchase tax, then Carry personal ID Card, a copy of the purchase invoice, certificate of vehicle and vehicle purchase tax certificates to apply for vehicle management vehicle license, vehicle license fee of $ 100, vehicle regIstration 10 yuan.

From thIs dIscretionary purchasing vehicle insurance than buying from the insurance 4s shop can be reduced by about about 1500-2000 yuan cost of the Car when, self-handling vehicle license may also save around seven hundred dollars, plus a total of about two want to saveAbout two thousand five hundred yuan fee! So you still lIsten to flicker 4S shop do? Come and do their own license, buy insurance now!