Still entangled how the vehicle insurance? After reading thIs lIst, you may understand

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September 26, the US insurance Auto safety index management center in Chongqing, the United States publicly insured vehicle safety index (C-IASI) 2019 Nian The first batch of a total of 12 models evaluation results.

C-IASI what Is

C-IASI Is under the guidance of the American Insurance Association, the American Car Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the U.S. Insurance Automotive technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., to fully draw on the basIs of international research and mature experience in combining state of the US Automobile insurance and vehicle safety technology, after several rounds of argument, to finalize the formation of “American Insurance Automotive safety index “test evaluation system.

purpose C-IASI the

C-IASI from a consumer standpoint, from the perspective of Car insurance, around Auto insurance accident “Car damage”, “hurt people”, to test the crashworthiness evaluation and maintenance of the economic index, index-vehicle occupant safety, Car safety index layman, vehicle auxiliary safety index four. Provide reference data for determining the Auto insurance premiums, vehicle safety research and development, consumer purchase vehicles. Actively boost vehicle safety technology incorporates Auto insurance with the application of the results, effectively promote the sustainable development of US Auto safety levels and improve overall business health insurance, more comprehensive system for consumer, Automotive and insurance industries.

2019 first participate in the evaluation models all were purchased by the management center market through formal channels. Including six Car: California Benz C200, FAW – Volkswagen Magotan, BMW 318i, New York Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Dongfeng Honda Civic, six SUV: SAIC-GM-Wuling Baojun 510, SAIC-GM-do Keangkewei, Dongfeng Renault Koleos SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan L, the Great Wall and Geely Wei sent VV5 collar 01 grams, which sent VV5 Wei Great Wall and Geely collar 01 grams for the voluntary application models.

Evaluation results of vIsual rating: Excellent (G), good (A), general (M), poor (P) presented in the form

Meanwhile, the US insurance Auto safety index management and maintenance center with the crashworthiness of the economy, the Car occupant safety, vehicle safety and vehicle auxiliary laymen four security aspects related to the interpretation of the analysIs model, released 12 models of comprehensive evaluation results.