Still buy the whole car insurance do? Buy only those three half the insurance money, the effect Is almost

for the insurance should be every owner should know, because the insurance expiration date Is one year, if after a year, the owners also need to purchase insurance, then we need to continue to pay the corresponding premium, so, Car insurance should be how to buy it? Still buy the whole Car insurance do? Buy only those three half the insurance money, the effect almost.

First, to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance Is a national compulsory purchase, if not purchased insurance to pay strong, then the vehicle Will not function on the Card transfer, and there Is no purchase traffic compulsory insurance It can not be on the road to normal traffic. Generally purchased traffic compulsory insurance Will pay high insurance posted a small flag top right corner of the front windshield. It’s also handy when traffic police in a routine check, check whether the vehicle has been purchased to pay high insurance. If you do not sign an insurance posted the top right corner of the front windshield, the vehicle Is not likely to purchase pay high insurance.

Second, liability insurance, the main purpose of liability insurance when the vehicle Is in a traffic accident, the vehicle used to compensate the other party. The three insurance payment amount ranging from 50,000 to 1 million, so owners need to decide which level of liability insurance to buy according to their actual demand for Cars. For some small scrape, then buy 200,000 insured amount of three insurance Is enough, but if it comes to some rare luxury Car, you may need to purchase liability insurance in the amount of 1 million to be able to afford.

Third, caustic danger, before we say of liability insurance after the vehicle Is in a traffic accident, paid for the other vehicles, so in the event of after the accident, their vehicles could be damaged, at thIs time if you purchase Car damage. Insurance companies Will follow the procedures for their vehicle payment. However, many drivers have never bought Car damage, the reason Is that they consider themselves excellent driving skills, even if the vehicle Is involved in a traffic accident, then give each other full responsibility. It Will not bear the corresponding compensation. Ordinary family Car, there are three of insurance Is enough, but the premium Is not too expensive.