Spend the least money to buy the most useful auto insurance, take a look at these types of insurance

Car friends all know, the first thing Is to buy a new Car after the purchase of insurance. Some people Will buy in the first full insurance, do not have access even know that sometimes, in order to ensure themselves against loss, choose to buy full insurance. But after 2012, we Will find some of the insurance no effect, but also a lot of money, time again to purchase insurance Will be more rational, how can we spend the least money to the most useful insurance? Next, we Will dIscuss it, which must be purchased, which the insurance Is most useful.

to pay high insurance Is a compulsory insurance must be purchased, the law clearly stipulates that no pay high insurance Is not the road. To pay high insurance premiums Is also uniform, six of the following family Car for the first time need to pay 950 yuan, more than six would need 1,100 yuan premiums. For owners of friends, forced to pay high insurance it Is also a protected area, regardless of who’s responsible for the accident, the insurance company Will be paid.

In order to protect each other, we have to pay to pay high insurance, and Car damage insurance Is to protect our own. If an accident occurs, resulting in vehicle damage, the insurance company Will pay compensation within a reasonable range. It recommended that everyone buy Car damage.

third party liability insurance at the time of purchase Is very maneuvering, the premium Is not high, the amount Is not bad. According to their economic capacity, we have several options. It’s almost premiums, differing only a few hundred dollars, the amount difference Is very big. Most of the owners of my friends would choose to buy 500,000 or 1 million price, a second-tier cities, particularly luxury Cars in California, New York, etc., Will inevitably be some meaning, I suggest you purchase 1 million credits or more than 1 million first three liability insurance. In some small cities, 500 000 should be able to, but if economic conditions allow it, we can invest more and more danger.

Another Is additional insurance of commercial insurance, the insured price Is very low, the price Is high, that Is, non-deductible insurance. ThIs insurance can not be insured separately, only after you have purchased additional insurance to insure. After you have non-deductible insurance, allowing owners to minimize losses.

For example, if an accident happens, and we ourselves are the full responsibility, thIs time the insurance company only paid 70% level, and 30% would require the owners themselves burden, 30% of which Is sometimes a lot of money. With the non-deductible insurance, the insurance company all claims, and that they do not need to spend a penny. In thIs case it Is possible to put their economic losses to a minimum.

These are small to give us advice, I do not know which types of insurance the owners friends would choose when buying Auto insurance do? Can share out, we dIscuss what insurance more suitable, I believe can help to many new owners of a friend.

spend the least money to buy the most useful Auto insurance, take a look at these types of insurance