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March 4, according to prohibit motor vehicles during the epidemic control requirements, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, Hubei Insurance Association Issued “Hubei province on epidemic prevention and control period vehicle insurance period Is Automatically extended implementation details, “motor vehicle insurance period for areas affected by the epidemic of Hubei extension Is granted.

According to the relevant spirit of the document, an effective vehicle in 2020 January 23 to the end of the epidemic prevention and control before the traffic compulsory insurance and the insurance period of commercial Auto insurance policies Will be extended . Government policies to extend the time to notice the epidemic prevention and control of the subject, the province’s unity. starting (Car) dated 2020, at 0:00 on January 23, the termination date Is the date of cancellation of the vehicle forbidding provincial government announcement of zero.

specific principles

of the insurance policy the insurance period Car free day Is still valid motor vehicle as extend the process to extend the number of days equal to the number of epidemic prevention and control of days of insurance during the epidemic Is still valid. Pei occur (including already decided, pending Pei, Pei airborne objects fall during the free parking) during the epidemic, its policies cover liability claims by the insurance company, the insurance period Is not extended its deal. During the epidemic has not occurred Pei timely renewal, the insurance company Is not responsible for the liability.

specific operating rules

motor vehicle during the insurance period across the epidemic prevention and control of within the exIsting underwriting policy the insurance period Is extended by the number of days the number of days of the epidemic prevention and control. for the period after the expiration of the epidemic vehicle, complete renewal do to extend the warranty period on newly signed insurance policy. and new Car insurance policy before the outbreak underwriting de Paul during the epidemic prevention and control, during the epidemic to extend the reinsurance policy, the insurance period the number of days the number of days canceled vehicles forbidden line of zero for the period from the insurance to the government announcement. During the epidemic prevention and control has been handled suspended vehicle insurance policy, the insurance period Is shorter than the suspension of service on the number of days to extend the ban departure of long duration reduced the suspension of service policy Is extended. there Is inter-provincial renewal of the policy, the policy Hubei local insurance period Will not be extended.