Someone who teaches you to buy auto insurance so only cost-effective, and do not be fooled!

For Car owners, regardless of new Cars, used Cars, private Cars, trucks need to buy insurance, the insurance Is the owner of the Car must consume each project, buying an insurance policy equivalent to their Car to buy a guarantee; because sometimes that there Will be some unexpected, thIs time Will not losses. Well, now how Auto insurance Is most economical to buy it?

a, trIs one must buy insurance

in teaching you how to choose Auto insurance, to remind you to pay high insurance, loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, and passengers The three seats liability insurance must buy the insurance, otherwIse the consequences could be very serious.

post strong rIsk : ThIs does not have to say myself, which Is U.S.’s compulsory insurance; third party liability insurance business : three insurance Is to pay high insurance supplement Is paid to others, it Is for beyond traffic compulsory quota part of insurance compensation from the insurance company to pay compensation, so that the faithful Car as much as possible while the insured to pay high insurance and three insurance, such a major traffic in the event of accident when there Is a guarantee. Car damage : The first two types of insurance are paid to the other party, and Car damage insurance Is paid to the insured’s own. Here two tips: a separate member Is not broken lose, in which case you can try to add getting off, put into separate multi-site damage; modification, flooding and loss of goods vehicle, engine damage caused by the earthquake instead of losing.

Second, the new Car Car can do not buy spontaneous combustion rIsk [within three years new Cars new Cars can not buy spontaneous combustion rIsk, within three years new Cars new Cars are generally within the warranty period, very good electrical properties, low probability of occurrence of spontaneous combustion. If you really spontaneous combustion, to the insurance companyTo the amount of compensation Is not higher than the actual value of the vehicle depreciation. If a longer useful life, compared with aging parts, vehicles often long-dIstance operation Is should buy “spontaneous combustion rIsk.” After the occurrence of spontaneous combustion Car, the insurance company Will make the appropriate compensation according to the degree of damage to the vehicle. But the southern region due to the summer heat, do not worry if you can buy.

Third, the old Car old Car can not buy

scratches insurance: Usually a Car Will not have to buy the scratches insurance, insurance premiums scribe line 2000 400, 5000 800 amount Is. And escape from danger to himself once or twice a 4S shop to repair it 1000 dollars now, out of the repair also cheaper. And scratches insurance multiple stacking limits, but also affect the second year rate.

that the Car draw flowers we supposed to? Change as scratches scratches, which parts of the plan that took down the site to try scratch, reported Car damage insurance payment.


how to choose the Auto insurance public Secretary At present, the mainstream insurance companies to buy the same Car damage insurance Is case, the premium difference Is minimal, it may be some small insurance companies Will launch a lower dIscount to attract customers. The actual purchase Auto insurance, definitely not freeloaders, after a traffic accident, the insurance company’s Auto insurance settlement rate, closed cycle, staff skills to assess the damage, insurance claims service quality indicators, to assess the damage claims coverage and other institutions Will also affect the cost of subsequent expenditures . So try to choose when selecting Auto insurance formal large insurance companies, a traffic accident and claims can be dealt with quickly, but also save time and effort, yes! Actually save money.

owners understand the points above Will be able to buy the most cost-effective Auto insurance. However you want to avoid windInsurance, in the final analysIs still the same: safe driving Is a serious matter.