Society of car insurance renewal techniques, such insurance suffer less!

Many people think that Car insurance Is a pit, but they have to buy. Traffic Insurance Is legal to purchase insurance, commercial insurance and the insurance company Is also abundance, also a wide variety of insurance. The choice of insurance companies and insurance mix Is ‚Äč‚Äčalso very important, the insurance companies involved in the sale and other services, and insurance claims are related to the scope, so buy insurance must master skills to avoid their falling into the pit.

The first Is the insurance company of choice, the insurance company the size of the problem related to the cost of insurance, a large insurance company prices Will generally be higher, and small insurance the company has a great margin of preference. Xiao Bian suggest that you choose a regular large insurance companies, although some small unnamed insurance companies have a greater dIscount, but in the aftermarket can not be guaranteed, claims cycle Will be very long. So, do not choose for the sake of cheap and small insurance companies.

The second Is the mix of insurance, some people buy insurance map the whole, no matter what kind of insurance are all purchased. In fact, thIs Is a waste of money, the insurance should be a reasonable match. General vehicle purchase Car damage insurance, three insurance, seat insurance, excluding deductible can be, if the vehicle Will be parked in the area unattended so you can increase the pilfer, if the vehicle Is relatively old, it can increase the rIsk of spontaneous combustion. As for the so-called scratches insurance, glass insurance, wading insurance, etc. or based on the actual situation of individuals it Is generally recommended to buy the lower case.

then Is to purchase channels, current models of the purchase channel Is very much in the with-line and line, the same insurance coverage and the same insurance company, select relatively low price can be. Both online and offline, as long as the insurance agreement signed, it paid the insurance premiums take effect. At present, many regions have adopted the electronic insurance policy, if you need a paper policy Will need to be downloaded from the Internet.

If the Car Is on a year out of the insurance, then the insurance Will increase, some people think that change Is an insurance company prices Will not, in fact, really Is not the case, an insurance company Will also change the price, after all, it Is the Internet age. Some advance purchase insurance,Old Insurance did not fail, so you can escape from danger Newspaper old insurance, although the insurance next year prices Will not have to buy, but Will affect the retirement again next year. So, insurance companies are impeccable, no holes can be drilled.

The other Is we must look at the terms of the insurance, general insurance companies are large formatted insurance policy, but do not rule out some small insurance companies Will be “digging” in terms of years, so be sure to Carefully read the terms and avoid “falling into a pit.”

buy Car insurance Although the “skills” a bit exaggerated, but these are some of the lessons learned from older drivers, it Is worth considering and learning, after all, thIs Is the Car insurance of no return. Good combination of skills to ensure that the insurance coverage of the insurance, to a certain extent, but also cost savings. Car insurance Is not full, and in the “fine”, such as scratches insurance, scratches insurance can only be used to repair minor scratches, while a bit deeper you can report caustic danger. There wading insurance, if the vehicle Is parked Is flooded, so also Will be compensation. So, when choosing insurance coverage must be clear and understand the circumstances under which each of the insurance Will be covered, under what circumstances would exclusions.