So many kinds of auto insurance, how in the end it cost-effective to buy! You buy the right thing?

so many kinds of Auto insurance, how in the end it cost-effective to buy! You buy the right thing? After buying a Car, everyone Is faced with a problem, choose to buy insurance. In fact, insurance Is divided into many species. Auto insurance can be divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance Is the implementation of the payment of the cost of national unity. As for the commercial rIsk, then you can choose whether or not to buy?

Do not think that the insurance Is not useful, but choose not to purchase insurance. And when you can come in the accident, reduce the minimum damage on their own economy, but also can solve their urgent needs. Next’ll tell you about Auto insurance countries.

National Automobile compulsory insurance. Private Cars and units for processing documents with Car insurance needs are different, our country unified premium to be charged. Every year, the cost Is not the same, the highest fee charged for the first year, the latter Will in turn reduce the premiums.

to pay high insurance, when the accident occurred, allowing the victim to get timely treatment. Forced words also represent mandatory. You can not refuse to pay the insurance costs. Other relatively wide range, mainly, the vehicle can all be undertaken, where the vehicle does not include electric vehicles, but it encompasses motorcycle. If, after the event of an accident, the insurance company Will first pay the cost of treatment, after further investigation the circumstances of the accident. Of course, he Is also a time without compensation. That Is the one who found Pengci Is not selected for payment.

three insurance business. The third party insurance Is the victim of an insurance coverage Carried out. As the surface of what Is meant, thIs one Is the cost of compensation to third parties. For example, in reverse, because of improper technology collide to another person, causing injury or even death, an insurance can play a role. But there Is also hope that we can know that a third party Is not including their own families. It Is also intended, there are a lot of desperate people, in order to defraud insurance. Deliberately harm hIs family.

caustic danger, thIs Auto insuranceIt Is more common, that Is, when driving the vehicle, we accidentally bump into their own insured vehicle, I think thIs Is what we usually have access to the alarm type. Because of their Carelessness crash into hard objects, such as trees or utility poles, you can declare that allows the insurance company paid. Such insurance Is the insurance company claims more number of types of insurance.

pilfer. As the name suggests thIs, the insurance Is lost in the Car, not to say that a certain part of the mIssing appear to be compensation claims Will only be Carried out after the Car lost. Of course, thIs also has certain requirements, if need alarm after the Car lost. That Is, if the public security departments above the county level alarm. If not found within three months, then that can be paid in.

There Is also a relatively rare type of insurance, he Is spontaneous combustion rIsk. Just the other day, the city where small series of spontaneous events occurred in a vehicle. But thIs Is an insurance in general, Is the delivery of goods and personnel to Carry out the purchase. ThIs Will ensure that the items in the event of the Car can be paid in a timely manner during an accident. You must be at their own cost to fill the hole. The money then Is more suitable often drive people to go out in the summer.

In fact, novice, then more Is recommended to buy all rIsks. Novice technology Is not very skilled. And just purchased a new Car, a new Car Is not very familiar with. Very accident may occur. After purchasing all rIsks once any accident had guaranteed. Of course not to say that you can buy a full insurance acts recklessly, or to the need to comply with traffic rules. Insurance Is just doing a patron for our lives. In the case of an accident, then you can receive timely treatment.

need to put these documents, gave saved after purchasing the insurance. If you can not find the latter Is used, which Is very troublesome. Do you still have no insurance are other better?