So many car insurance, which insurance essential?

Car insurance Car groups every year for over a hurdle, then, in addition to the clear surface made it clear there must purchase compulsory insurance which the insurance Is more appropriate, it Is worth buying? ThIs may start talking about the insurance classification.

Car insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial Automobile insurance.

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, it Is the owner must purchase Auto insurance each year. Not pay high insurance vehicle within the validity period, they are not allowed on the road, but also need to check the policy to pay high insurance vehicle inspection.

to pay high insurance insured amount Is low, the maximum payment of 12.2 million (including death and dIsability compensation limit of 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan medical expenses and compensation limit property loss 2000 yuan), and only a third-party guarantee. Vehicle only to pay high insurance in the event of an accident, the owner of the Car or personal injury, damage to the vehicle, are not compensable. The other vehicles in need of repair, to pay compulsory insurance can only pay 2,000 yuan, the rest are the owners bear the loss. So if the vehicle only to pay high insurance protection it Is not enough.

Auto insurance business Is mainly sold by various insurance companies, that Is, except for “Traffic Insurance” insurance. Generally divided into the main and additional insurance rIsk two parts. Main rIsks include four kinds: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance and the whole Car pilfer. Additional rIsks include glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, insurance engine inlet, fault liability insurance, insurance body scratches loss, excluding franchIse warranties, vehicle Cargo liability insurance.

commercial insurance Is not mandatory insurance, may be purchased separately four kinds of primary insurance based on individual needs, additional insurance must be in order to buy in to purchase the appropriate primary insurance premIse. The following recommended some commercial insurance and function for your reference.

1, loss of vehicle insurance (recommend)

driver occurrence of an insured accident while driving the insured vehicle, causing damage to the insured vehicle, the insurance company in coIt Will be compensated within the range of reason. Owners due to negligence or lack of experience more prone to traffic accidents, Is necessary to purchase the insurance.

2, third party liability insurance (recommended to choose the amount of protection at least 500,000)

driving the process accidents, resulting in personal injury or property third party to suffer direct damage, the insurance company Will pay compensation. Paul Is in addition to the vehicle and other property casualty. If unfortunately wrecked luxury Car or driving causing serious injury, compensation may be up to hundreds of thousands. Traffic Insurance can pay up to 122,000, the insurance can be paid less than the cross section of compulsory insurance payment.

3, board officers liability insurance (recommend)

The insurance coverage can be a driver on the vehicle and passengers. Liable for accidents caused by vehicles insured the vehicle casualties. Often drive with family or friends, the need to protect the personal safety of family and friends.

4, the entire vehicle pilfer (proposed purchase of a new Car)

Is for the vehicle Is stolen, robbed incur liability. If there Is no fixed garage, usually parked in the open air parking lot, or frequent travel by Car, no fixed parking place owners, the proposed purchase pilfer.

5, excluding franchIse warranties (low price, the proposed purchase)

insured event occurred, Insurance companies Will be calculated according to the terms of the deductible amount shall be borne by the insured after the insured non-deductible insurance, thIs part of the deductible amount the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation. The insurance cheap, after the insured can obtain more comprehensive protection.

6, glass breakage alone (as appropriate later recommended)

If the window occurs, the windshield breakage alone, the insurance company actual damages. Often take the highway smashed the windows of vehicles likely to be flying stone, windshield, or the vehicle Is often parked in the open air parking lot may be falling objects smashed windshield, The proposed purchase.

7, spontaneous loss of insurance (Car over five years proposed purchase)

due to the vehicle electrical appliances, wiring, their occurrence oil, oil supply systems, gas supply systems, Automotive goods Issue, operation of a motor vehicle friction fire caused the fire, resulting in the loss of the vehicle itself, the insurance company according to the terms of compensation. Vehicles using more than two years, the proposed oil and circuits have the aging of purchase, if the electric Car Is strongly recommended to buy.

8, body scratches insurance (New proposed purchase)

no traces of collIsion of the vehicle body surface separately paint scratch, the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation. ThIs insurance Is recommended to buy a new Car and novices.

insured, they can choose according to their needs, choose the more the more insurance protection, but even if you are insured “all rIsks”, more than five years may have also have not paid the time.

the following circumstances, the insurance company Is not paid a penny:

1, drunk driving, drug driving

2, inspection overdue license, vehicle inspection are not

3, points 12 points

4, no driving license

5, damaged during maintenance

6, did not go to repair the damage

7, Is not covered within the validity period

8, modified vehicles

9, or hit the blood family members of the insured

after the insured, the insurance claims if the reported period, could have an impact on next year’s premiums, or, where appropriate, the proposed purchase of the reported loss.

described above insurance are more mainstream, practical, present, most insurance companies Will respond to different scenarios or the introduction of long-termShort-term commercial insurance. For example wading insurance, long-dIstance travel insurance, and even for the domestic Car accident most people tangled in the no-fault liability insurance and so on. ThIs type of additional insurance may be consulted to understand the different insurance companies according to their needs.