So buy car insurance, one year down easily save lots of money

With the growing number of Cars now, in the protection of our travel by Car during the day plays a vital role in Car insurance. Whenever the annual purchase Auto insurance, the insurance company Will provide us with a dozen Car insurance, Car insurance then thIs dozen Will need to buy it? The answer Is no, in fact, when we buy insurance to buy only the four basic types of insurance Is enough. What are the four basic types of insurance do?

The first Is to pay high insurance, do not buy it the police Will not let you on the road traveling.

The second Is third party liability insurance, the proposed purchase of more than 2 million insurance coverage limit to prevent you hit people in a luxury Car or a pedestrian and you cause bankrupt.

The third Is the loss of motor vehicle insurance, traffic accidents It Is used to repair and compensate for the loss of your own Car.

The fourth Is a non-deductible insurance, such as your hit hIs Car into a tree, should bear 15% of the damages according to insurance policy owners, but buy after the insurance, the insurance company 15% of these same damages compensation.

other lines In addition, as pilfer, body scratches insurance, glass breakage alone, wading rIsk of loss of the engine and the like according to their owners can insurance special case of optional purchases.