“Small tongue” on a car bumper that there are such great use, many people have the wrong!

Recently, a friend told Xiao Bian Consulting: What Car bumpers following “little tongues” Yes? ThIs Is what took Xiao Bian asked the ignorant, what little tongue? Later I realized that he was referring to thIs.

ThIs “tape” in recent years, a lot of riders fond of Car accessories, because it usually posted near the front face of the Car grille Insurance on the bar, so called “little tongues” really Is very image.

ThIs “little tongues” Is often printed with “peace out” kind of auspicious words or “sIster paper Car” like to express individuality wIsecrack , so many owners it seems, thIs Is just a decoration, and Spider-Man on the roof of the same. ThIs Is not so, “little tongues” in addition to play the handsome but also have greater utility. And, when you understand its original role, you Will find that the above two owners regarded it installed the wrong position.

In fact, the name itself Is a little tongue called “trailers”, of course, it Is not to hang trailer hook, because it Is double-sided adhesive stuck in the Car and could not withstand so much weight, then what Is the meaning of its exIstence Is it?

Xiao Bian had previously Issued a document to explain the “small cap” on Car bumpers, hidden inside a threaded hole fixed trailer hook, the trailer when needed remove the lid on the trailer hook up on it.

then the small cap how to get down? Although it had left edge of the gap, but in the absence of proper tools, the words are hard to pry it Is easy to hurt the edge of the paint.

See here than we all understand the role of the so-called trailer with it, Is stuck on the “small cap”, so that the necessary time can easily open the lid to install a trailer hook. Therefore, the correct position Is below.

Of course, if only to play commander then, the stress can not be so much.